Three reasons for the unpopularity of the mortgage

27.06.2011 07:30
Articles about real estate | Three reasons for the unpopularity of the mortgage Retail lending is much inferior to the corporate segment. Outsider in the list of popular acts mortgage loans that caused by a number of objective reasons. This was explained in a commentary for UBR.UA leading financial analyst at Credit-Rating "Victor Szulik.

"The number of banks in the retail segment, as well as the volume of retail loans is gradually increasing, although the rate of such loans are much lower compared to the corporate segment (14 times in the first quarter of 2011)," - said the expert.

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According to him, for several reasons. First, historically credit market has a certain cycle. In this cycle of mortgage is restored in the last turn, since the risks for banks and borrowers on such loans is maximum and the effective demand is limited to large-scale amounts of payments to each borrower (based on current property values ??and interest rates on loans - such payments can afford much less borrowers than for other bank products in the retail segment).

"Second, the predominant part of the banks in our market do not have the resources, the urgency which allows you to recover a large-scale mortgage lending for 10 years or more, and short funding resources such loans significantly increases the sensitivity of institutions to liquidity risk", - explained V. Szulik.

And finally, in his opinion, not all borrowers after the events of 2008-2009 years are ready to take 20 year mortgage and pay for their redemption more than 70% of the total family income per month. Borrowers, as banks try to more sober assessment of their risks, as the position on the "collateral lending" at a constant growth in real estate prices did not justify itself.

As reported, the amount of new loans granted to the population, increasing with each passing month.

True, the mortgage market, this "activity" shy away from - the revival of the drivers of retail credit act primarily auto loans, the newspaper "Delo".

During the first quarter of 2011 banks issued 18.9 billion hryvnia to the population of new loans, and with each passing month lending volume increases significantly.

So, according to the NBU, if in January the banks provided to the population 4.8 billion hryvnia loans in February, it increased by 12,5% - to 5,4 billion hryvnia, and in March - another 61% (up previous month), up to 8.7 billion hryvnia. The share of loans granted by banks to purchase real estate in new loans is very low and varies between 2,5-5%.

Thus, the bulk of new loans - it's auto loans, purchase of goods of daily use (consumer credit) and cash loans.

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