Three myths about rental housing

01.07.2019 00:15
Soon, the high season will start in the rental market of Ukraine: some students leave, giving way to others, the personnel of companies is changing for the new business year, citizens use summer vacations to change rental housing, and so on. Three myths about rental housingExperts studied the views of players in the rental market in Kiev and made a list of the most common stereotypes that are in fact erroneous.

For example, if, in conjunction with an employer, minor children live in a rented apartment, the contract with him (for example, in the case of non-payment) cannot be terminated. This concern was expressed by 35% of landlords and 20% of tenants who took part in the survey. In fact, such severe restrictions apply only to social employment. A commercial lease agreement in case of a breach by the tenant of obligations may be terminated, regardless of whether minors live with it or not.

Whom Ukrainians are not ready to let into their apartment even for money

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60% of homeowners are sure that they have the right to come to their own apartment at any time, even if at this time a temporary tenant, for example, at work.

Nothing like this! The owner is obliged to coordinate with the employer their visits to the apartment. When concluding a tenancy agreement, the landlord transfers his ownership and use rights to the apartment to the tenant, thereby limiting himself in these rights for the period of tenancy. In addition, if the tenant's valuables are stored in the apartment, in case of their loss, the owner of the living space becomes the main suspect.

27% of tenants and 14% of property owners are sure that the contract of employment is a piece of paper without legal force. Usually, their opinions change dramatically in court, when a piece of paper becomes a document on the basis of which a court decision can be made.
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