Three methods of checking the builder «in fairness»

06.10.2010 09:23
Articles about real estate | Three methods of checking the builder «in fairness» How can a consumer test, good or bad agency, contractor or a separate realtor? One of the important forms has been visiting the same sites of agencies, companies or private pages of Realtors. Search the Web has become a test "for lice" any companies associated with new buildings. What to Look For?

Information weapon to combat ...
To begin with, what realtors or developers create Web sites in general. Their main goal - to encourage to make a purchase. But local purpose - to encourage to make a call, because that starts with a dialogue with the company.

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Ilya Stupin, editor of the special application of Expert Real Estate ", a special correspondent for the magazine" Expert ", sees the two strategies used by the company. "The first - using the site to inform consumers comprehensive information about products and services. Inform visitors of current prices, to publish floor plans, layout, tell sales patterns and dynamics of the construction, maintenance costs. It is important to focus on existing competitive advantage - with the help of an intelligible text, photo galleries, virtual tours and other "stuff". The second strategy - napustit fog to confuse the consumer, and thus force him to call the company or visit the manager at the facility. In the hope that an experienced agent is able to easily "zapudrit brains inexperienced buyer" - says Ilya Stupin.

When a buyer finds the second option, it should guard. The journalist said that about 80% of sites around Moscow construction companies (most of the regional facilities are implemented directly rather than through the realtors) - This is a terrible hack work, site-bogey, made "on the knee" is not clear for what purposes. They are replete with inaccurate information (prices do not correspond to reality, the alleged terms of construction, etc.), Oleg Repchenko, Head of Research Centre Real Estate Market Indicators ", adding that the main problem website builder - the lack of reliable and timely information about the sales and construction of a object, and the available information is presented in an awkward perception for potential buyers format.

Ilya Stupin eventually uses its own database of new buildings in Moscow and the region, collected by hand. "She relies on information and media company, sufficiently representative, covers most of the buildings, allows you to capture trends. In recent years, the amount of information has become greater than their own needs, so I gradually bear monitoring in the Internet: on », - he shares. Stupin warns that not every information, positive or negative, appear on the forum you can trust: the objective data are often mixed with misinformation or simply incompetent statements.

Thus, the first recommendation - to evaluate the quality of the site and gather information on the company network.

Many experts note that the sites developers, especially in the economy segment, very similar to each other. Olga Shakalova, CEO of investment agency Trump Real Estate, notes that such sites do not have enough personality, the sites are hard to remember.

Can I take a good advertisement for the fact that the site does not cause positive emotions? Olga Shakalova emphasizes that the sites of many developers do not cause potential buyers a sense of reliability of the company, without which the development market is definitely flawed, and even helpless. Oleg Repchenko adds that almost all sites initially focused on informing people but not for something to communicate with them.

However, there are quite correct examples, Olga Shakalova names such company websites Vedis Group "or the Mirax Group. These sites are distinguished by the openness of the people and blogging personally heads. Kirill Goncharov, project manager OSAN.RU (Server consolidation of real estate agencies), also called a site Vedis Group, noting it is more convenient "bulk" interface, with three-dimensional model of a residential complex and the display of all available apartments. "But such a site - it's quite expensive and complex product, and as a rule, it can afford only the big developers who have their own IT-and PR-departments, which themselves are the object of his campaign. Smaller developers tend to implement their departments do not have, and these issues are real estate agency. These developers do not bother creating a site object, or have some fairly primitive, "- he explains.

Olga Shakalova believes that today, only serious about the "virtual" component of its business, can make successful steps in the reality that the actual problem - the lack of interactivity. But Oleg Repchenko cautions that buyers should not deceive the effects on the site: "There are no designs and effects can not make up for the lack of reliable information about the characteristics of the proposed apartments.

So the second step in verifying the company - to see how the site turned face to the people, does the CEO blog, does the company on the visitors' questions, and make a conclusion about how the company builds relationships with their customers.

And whose pictures?
There is another very interesting way, indirectly allows to assess the seriousness of the company and its focus on long-term work in the market.

Sergey Elin, managing partner of the group of companies "AIP - Auditing and Law", advises to pay attention to how the company relates to intellectual property on the Internet, that is, those materials that are posted on her website. Does it have its photos, graphics, text, design elements, or they are taken "somewhere"? Is featured in the pages of the "copyright (copyright) - ©, and then the name of the owner of the exclusive rights to the content of a site and year of first publication of the work? Sign a copyright may be placed directly on a specific subject to copyright (eg, photographs). Specifies whether the company conditions for the use of its content on other sites? Such a small thing to judge how seriously the company in its activities. After all, agree that if the company has spent a lot of money to create their own content, ordered the photographer to special photographs of their objects, and copywriter - texts, carefully guarded this information, we can assume that to his main work in the company are more carefully.

Recipes saytostroeniya

Kirill Goncharov shares his idea of a perfect novostroechnom site, customer-oriented: "As a general rule, sales of new construction starts at the stage of excavation, when the object itself yet. There is only his plan on paper. For most people, buying an apartment in new building - a dream come true on their own home, but the house-at this stage has not yet been built. It is therefore important to create an interactive, virtual home, which will show all the benefits of future housing. To solve this problem on the site, ideally, should be:
a) model of the house and neighborhood;
b) Three-dimensional models of apartments;
c) the kinds of future windows;
g) The types or models of common areas - hallways, corridors, stairwells, etc.;
e) visualization of other elements of future housing, interiors, and infrastructure.

In addition, the ideal site should have a section on the current construction of the types of construction, or, better, web-cameras mounted on a building site. Well, if there is a lively forum, or another form of interactive communication with the developer's co-investors. "

Maxim Nikitin, director of Internet projects of, recently tested in practice, convenience selection of apartments in new buildings. "Recently, I picked myself flats. Guess which method was most effective? To open the company's website to find phone to call and ask. Yes, each site has a database with the proposals. But here's the relevance of the information provided in most cases disappointing. On the phone it appears that prices are different, and Sq Feet can "swim", and variations may be such that not even smell in the database on the site. Perhaps the best site for selling new construction is a blank page on which is written large phone? "- Ironically the expert.

Remember that the ideal site, you will not find loud, but meaningless slogans like "best price", the "perfect plan", "excellent location". There will be an honest and accurate information, but such sites in the Russian Internet is not enough.

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