Three kinds of scams estate without the knowledge of the owner

19.01.2020 00:15
Particularly widespread was this kind of crime as illegal sale without owners. On a typical modus of the offense says lawyer Oleg Sukhov. Black realtors and " psevdoagentstva " Property

I'll start with the most well-known method of fraud, which is used in a big black realtors and small " psevdoagentstva " estate . First of all, clarify: are these " agency " is the purpose of deception and fraud , and not to provide services to the population. Most often, they huddle in small and nondescript offices with a minimum of personnel , furniture and office equipment. Typically, these " agencies " do not advertise themselves widely , because their goal is not to attract attention .

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Real Estate activity , like any other , has its own customs and trade rules . If you go to a large real estate company for the transaction , the employees are often asked to leave the originals on the property they have in the office. Why is it done? First, so that the client is not over to the competitors , and secondly in order to expedite the processing of the contract , it is easier when the documents at hand and not have to constantly call the client. So do large official realtors. But scammers require leave original documents to deceive the owner and arrange the sale without his participation.

This happens as follows. Black realtors take original documents , " concocting " a fake power of attorney , as well as a contract of sale , and then using the links in the passport offices , notary offices , registration service , and other organs , style illegal transaction of expropriation . Committing a crime , the office quickly leaves the office ( good and there is nothing to carry ) and reopens , but at a different address and a different name . Normally this scammers change and " wait " staff " company." In this way, the most " successful " the criminals to 15 ¬ -20 transactions per year.

Fun acted arrogantly and cynically to the limit . They steal , and often took away documents host when the latter came to the " Agency" , to exchange or to privatize housing . Received paper criminals without the knowledge of its owner sold real estate. At the same scammers used ... twins victims. That in itself is quite unusual. Bandits found accomplice , similar to the landlord , it is sometimes a little make up , and then visited with him a notary and all registration authorities : "What ? What issues? Here it is the seller . Himself came . Compared the photo in the passport . "

Issuing a "deal" , the fraudsters disappear , sometimes killing the owner. On account of several dozen criminals such episodes .

Illegal actions of relatives and friends

The second equally common way fraud is directly related to the unlawful actions of relatives and friends of the victim. Using the trust owner , the offender takes his passport and original documents for purposes not related to the sale of property . For example, to legalize alterations , to privatize , to select options for sharing issue will. After receiving the documents , the scammer makes out the sale transaction , and then disappear with the money. Though I must admit that this version is found less and less .

If the owner does not appear for a long time in the apartment

The next version of fraud applies to property which the owner does not use long for its intended purpose . Assume the host for months without visiting an apartment , villa , country house. Or some time is abroad on a business trip . Such property - a tidbit for fraudsters . Criminals punctually collect information about the property , as well as its owner . And if it turns out that the owner does not appear for a long time in the apartment ( in the country / country house ) , thugs and fake power of attorney documents for implementation.

For example, recently was convicted for fraud organized criminal group of eleven people. Criminals are selling someone else's apartment. SCAM disguised as representatives of social services went home and found out from the neighbors , which of the apartments are empty , and went to their owners . And if the owners dropped on a long trip , went abroad or simply not show up for months in a house, speculators began to act . First of all, they forged passport of the owner, on behalf of the fabricated power of attorney , and then 'sold' apartment to their friends or " homeless ", which in turn gave way to housing bona fide purchaser . Noting that the initial attackers penetrated the apartment by breaking doors banal . Keys - was not. Then inserted into the new locks and gave dwelling "commodity" view .

"Clearly, this is pure " criminality ", but the owner that does not help - said the lawyer Oleg Sukhov. - Even though the very first technical / handwriting analysis can easily prove passport fraud and general power of attorney , it will be little consolation . Will host a series of hearings , examinations , confrontations , police interrogations until the situation is clarified completely. A disputed property is at all times under " arrest." But even sadder fate of a bona fide purchaser of real estate. While the court recognizes it as such , but the money or property , he will not return to him exactly . Have to recover the damage from fraud, and this, to be honest, is not always real. "

How can protect themselves from such situations?

• Never anyone, under any circumstances do not give the original documents of the property. Oh and if you pass it , it is very detailed and meticulously describe a proxy responsibilities that you assign a representative. In any case, these powers should not apply to the sale of property .

• When you decide to sell, exchange , privatize or reschedule your property , please contact only in large and proven realtor agency.

• If you still have to resort to a little-known realtor , do not be lazy to check their reputation on the forums on the internet to gather information from public sources, see information about the company on the websites of URA , SSNU .

• Family relationships , of course, holy, but if you have even a shadow of a doubt , do not give relatives and the more familiar original documents to an apartment or other property .

• If you leave the house for a long time , put it under official protection . Scammers try not to mess with such property.

• Leaving a business trip or abroad, particularly charge trustee check property and periodically displayed neighbors , so that they understand that the home is cared for . Theft , maybe not save , but the scammers do not exactly coveted apartment.

• Upon completion of any real estate transaction , before going to the realtor , be sure to consult a professional lawyer for legal support and advice.

And one more piece of advice . But for potential buyers of apartments ( villas, houses ) . Suggest the buyer to verify the identity of his passport. Conscientious seller agrees , but the scammer immediately disappear and never appear in your field of vision .

"In the fifties of the last century in USSR was extremely popular poster titled " Vigilance - our weapon! " Where brave muscular worker intercepted the enemy 's hand with a dollar sign , which stretches to the construction site . Allegory , I think, is simple and straightforward , although priorities and changed. With all due respect to the police and judicial authorities first barrier against fraudsters have put themselves owners , showing reasonable care and vigilance in possession of documents and most real estate "- sums up the lawyer Oleg Sukhov.

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