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28.07.2011 07:30
Articles about real estate | Thirty-three tricks realtor "Do not be fooled - you do not sell," says the proverb. In full it relates to the real estate business, which along with the well-known, reliable companies operating private entrepreneurs who are not always honest with our customers. Mediators use a small trick, deception and coarse. And as much as in the field of frank scam! Experienced specialists warn: be careful!

Craftiness "innocent" and not very
The main task of Realtors - to catch the customer "on the hook." Ways to weight the most common (mainly in the rental market) - placement in databases phantoms. It is non-existent objects with good price and the seductive, can attract the attention of potential tenants and encourage them to call. And then the agent is trying to "talk" of man and keep him by offering a version of "exactly the same, but with pearl buttons." Another standard trick - to put pressure on potential clients, stating that apartments with similar parameters in the market there, and to this object already formed a queue. The inspired buyer or tenant can be persuaded to sign the agreement at the first show.

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Another common trick: the agent simply says nothing about any shortcomings of the apartment - an unattractive form of windows, the smell of garbage, etc. "Not long ago I had a case where a person bought a house just opposite the cemetery, - says Mikhail Belyakov, a leading specialist of the suburban real estate Penny Lane Realty. - When I asked him how he managed, he said that he arrived at the facility late at night. He and his wife liked the house, quiet place, and they immediately made a down payment. Of course, we will be able to sell the object, but the price will be very different. "

As Alexander says Dubovenko, development director of GOOD WOOD, these things are found everywhere. For example, to smooth out the unpleasant impression of passing nearby highway, the buyer brought in a time when the wind is blowing in the opposite direction and almost no noise is heard or the road is almost free, though usually it is constantly accumulating traffic jams. Alas, our legislation does not protect consumers from fraud. But in the developed markets agencies have no right to hide the shortcomings of housing and are required to warn consumers, otherwise the company can be fined and even deprived of license.

Corpus delicti
Still, it flowers in comparison with open fraud. Realtors sometimes fail to mention a much more important things. For example, the fact that several owners of the apartment, one of which is against the lease. "Unfair broker can" forget "to report that although the seller is single, but married, when acquiring the apartment, and it is the joint property, - said Alexander Zima, director of sales of real estate Penny Lane Realty. - After some time the spouse whose rights have been violated, may challenge the legality of the transaction in court. Then it will be restored ownership of the seller, but the money the buyer can not see. "

When the transaction from the actions of a realtor may suffer as a seller and buyer. Very often the agent to extort from one or both sides of a bribe for not having reported this to the counterparty or the market value of apartments helps to bring down or inflate the price. Often, the mediator offers to understate the value of property in the contract of sale to minimize taxes. In this case, the seller can not get over the amount specified in the contract, and the court did not prove out.

On typical cases of gross violations of the law on rental market like George Dzagurov, CEO of Penny Lane Realty. For example, you find an attractive offer on the website, come into the office, and they say that the apartment is already rented, but at 2-5 thousand rubles. you provide a base similar options. Trains at the following addresses, you know that all of the apartments or long put, or do not surrender at all. Another option of fraud - renting an apartment in advance, for example six months, at a rate far below market prices. A few days later it turns out that such tenants as you a few.

Beware of imitations!
Dirtiest, but very effective trick - when the apartment sells or leases are not the owner. Using modern technology, criminals are able to forge almost any document. "Fraudsters are carefully prepared for the scam: exploring mode of the owner, picked up or stolen keys, turn off the alarm - warns A. Zima. - The most dangerous period - summer, when many families go to the cottage and the apartment is left unattended. Endangered and owners of rental apartments: the keys to pick up rogue sojourner is not necessary, "impressions" can be arranged at almost any time. "

And even if the property sells the real owner, there are many pitfalls that can ruin the life of the new owner. For example, you buy legally clean apartment in which no one but the owner is not registered. And six months later to say to you freed convict, prescribed here and says their rights - consent to the sale he did not make, to leave his home does not intend to. And then it turns out that the fraud-realtor gave a false statement to the buyer of the house register or certificate Maintenance Service.

Sometimes unscrupulous agents act in collusion with employees of ATC, registry offices, passport offices. "Well, the most banal, but very frequent method is that you come to sign the contract, you take the money to count, and suddenly return. The deal for some reason breaks down, and then you find that your bills are replaced with false ", - says Mr. Dzagurov.

Trust, but verify
Is it possible to somehow protect themselves? A. Zima believes that the risks are highest when the buyer or seller are far from the intricacies of real estate business, but decided to save on the commission: "In practice, the crooks are mainly found among the private brokers. The fact that the agencies in all documents - from a trusted dealer to extracts from the Unified State Register - tested in the legal department. And lawyers do not work on commission, they have a fixed salary. Therefore, in any case of doubt, the lawyer simply does not give out the deal. The private real estate broker is the limiter in the form of a disinterested lawyer there. "

Maria Zhukova, deputy director of company "MIEL-Rent," also believes that the choice of agent is very important: "For example, if the realtor started work last month, just from a lack of experience he can make a mistake" - she said. But the buyer must stands out, the expert adds: "Particular attention should be paid to the owner of securities. The absence of a passport, laminated documents to the right of property, etc. should alert ". When you rent will never pay the mediator forwards - payment for services is always going after the conclusion of the contract, when the mediator has met its obligations.

And finally, do not get fooled by tricks. "Do not fuss and hurry up while browsing, to yield the nervousness that some property owners or real estate agent can create a special, citing lack of time or place of potential tenants" - suggests Zhukova. Buying property, be sure to explore the area around the well - better at least twice, at different times of the day, recommends M. Belyakov. And the last. Looking through the ads, do not forget that offered too cheap apartment may be just a "hook". 
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