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15.11.2011 00:45
Articles about real estate | Think of a modular home Most of us have the notion of "suburban housing" is associated with something basic and capital that require large investments and long construction. However, modern technology allows to build quickly and relatively cheaply. An example of this construction is a modular home.

How do you determine what kind of house to build? How to use the materials and design? Any house - an investment in the future of the family. What should be the home to meet the needs of future generations? Sometimes the predictions are fantastic, but sometimes these fantasies become the basis of actual projects.

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One of the types of homes that do not require much preparation for construction, a modular home. Its easy and quick assembly made him popular with consumers. The basis of this house is frame, sheathed panels. And, if before such houses were flimsy, cold and had a low fire, but now everything has changed.

The emergence of modern materials has eliminated many of the shortcomings of modular homes. Lightweight yet rugged frame makes this modern home is very resistant to external influences. A used for the cladding panels and modern heaters, make-frame houses warm and comfortable.

In addition, modular homes are very easy to assemble without the use of heavy construction equipment. Preparations for the construction does not take much time - you need only to clear and level the site and build a simple foundation.

Installation of the building is quite fast at the expense of precision components, manufactured at the plant. It does not require adjustment and additional calculations. In addition, the panel surface ready for finishing immediately after installation. As a result, construction and decoration takes about two weeks by 3-4 people.

There are also ready-made modular homes, which need only be delivered to site and install it. They are fully assembled and decorated, have, in a standard layout, kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. We can only deliver furniture, refrigerator, stove - and comfortable holiday home is ready.

Of course, a modular home is not a substitute for capital, but sometimes it can be very beneficial. For example, undertaking the construction of large capital house, which can last long enough, you can temporarily install a modular home and enjoy the pleasures of country living. The basic construction can isolate the fence, to communication and a year or two to live in nature, without waiting for completion of the Capital building.

The most common version of such a home - temporary housing for workers, especially if the building is far from the city. These homes are available in the form of construction site buildings, which contain beds, lockers, dining table, bathroom and so on.

One advantage is also possible to move a finished house. For example, a frame house can be placed on leased land, and their installation does not require numerous permits.

So, if you require temporary accommodation comfortable, consider buying a modular home.

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