There is a growing demand for holiday homes cost from $ 5 million

17.11.2010 00:03
Articles about real estate | There is a growing demand for holiday homes cost from $ 5 million During the second and third quarters of 2010, demand for the purchase of a high budget suburban real estate gradually shifted from Novorizhskoe Rublyovo-Uspenskoe direction. At the same time increased the popularity of Kiev, Kaluga, and Ostashkov Dmitrov highway, according to analysts at the Terra-Real Estate.

The most popular among buyers enjoy the cottage villages at a distance of 15 to 30 kilometers from Moscow, the home area of 400 to 800 square meters. In this case, demand is shifting to the home of large areas. Also, the trend growth of demand for more expensive homes. The largest share of demand in the third quarter of this year was recorded on home value from $ 2,000,000 to $ 5,000,000 - 29% of the total demand.

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According to experts, changing patterns of demand clearly indicate the exit of the market-town real estate from the high-budget post-crisis of stagnation, as well as improving the economic situation in general.

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