Their own homes - the main condition for marriage in China

08.06.2011 09:38
Articles about real estate | Their own homes - the main condition for marriage in China In order to find a wife, the Chinese men are forced to economize, and deferred money to spend on a down payment on the mortgage and mortgage payments.

Today, millions of young Chinese living in a converted bomb shelters and basements. As a rule, their home is a small room where the only source of light is only a light bulb on the ceiling and the kitchen and toilets - are common. These little houses are removable. Living in such bunkers costs as little as 10% of monthly income.

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At such a "victim" Chinese men are conscious. As reported by BBC News, a marriage and the existence of their own property in China are interrelated.

"Chinese women are very practical. A man should have his own house in order to be eligible bachelors. That is why I have to go through all of this to afford to buy their own homes "- says Hong Byrne, a programmer.

The savings of Chinese is becoming a problem for the economy. According to various studies, the Chinese set aside more than a third of their income. According to this indicator are significantly surpassed the Americans, who lay only 5% of their income.

Many governments have urged China to increase domestic demand. They want the Chinese government persuaded its citizens to save a little less, and spend a little more. So there was hope that the people of the Middle Kingdom will acquire more goods from abroad. However, up until finding a wife without buying a property can not be, Chinese men will continue to set aside money in reserve.
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