The widow gave Evdokimova cottage on the ruble his mistress

25.07.2011 00:45
Articles about real estate | The widow gave Evdokimova cottage on the ruble his mistress The litigation between the widow of Mikhail Evdokimov Galina and his mistress unofficial Hope Zharova about the inheritance of the governor and loving comedian over the settlement agreement. Zharov was giving on the ruble, and 1.2 million rubles.

Recall, after the tragic death of the governor, who was killed in a car crash, it emerged that in addition to his wife Galina and the official girlfriend, Inna Belova mulattos in Evdokimov was still "unofficial" lover - Hope Zharov, who bore him a daughter, Nastya.

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Since his daughter was quite formal, Zharov said claims to share in the inheritance governor, demanding the full $ 1 million in the same amount Zharov estimated one sixth of the property Evdokimova, which by law can claim it Nastya.

"We lived with Misha 17 years, it me nothing to conceal. I was aware of his acquisitions. He had a cottage on the ruble, the shot flat, garage box, car, non-residential premises, apartment in the Arbat, the land in the Altai Mountains" - told Zharov.

Part of a million in hard currency other heirs comedian did not want to, so Zharov made knight's move: filed a claim for recognition of Galina Evdokimova "unworthy heir" because it is the opinion of Zharkova, the legacy of her husband was a fake will. Drawn out or shaky or rolls, while women favorite Evdokimova not decided finally to conclude the agreement. By its terms Zharov, as the legitimate representative of his minor daughter, Anastasia, was the owner of a brick cottage of 300 square meters. m and a 12 hectare plot in the village of Great Sareevo, located 15 km from Moscow on Rublevo Uspenskomu. In addition, the widow of Mikhail Evdokimov to pay his mistress, 1.2 million rubles. as compensation for the fact that for several years did not allow her to use his share in the property.
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