The waiting list for apartments negate the new Housing Code

10.01.2011 11:52
Articles about real estate | The waiting list for apartments negate the new Housing Code Dreams are still millions more than the Ukrainians, who are waiting for apartments from the state, negate the new Housing Code.
"Gazeta po-Kiev" tracked down from Kiev Faith Cook - the last for today a waiting list, received free housing in the capital.

The waiting list for apartments - a relic of whom seem to have long to live. 70% of the waiting list have signed it yet at the Union - and decade after decade, waiting for the promised already disappeared by the state. Now the waiting list in a panic: the project of the Housing Code, to provide housing - and not in the property, but actually for rent - will only "socially vulnerable". Who gets it - in the code indicated a very blurry, but all "nepopavshih" from the queue simply turn out.

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Housing? MPs in the first place

Vera Cook got an apartment in 2008, but it was, as they say the last case: after the total of all the capital in which there are over 170,000 people of Kiev, has stopped. While social housing is built for the state money.

During the first 9 months of 2010, commissioned 147 thousand square meters. m, built on government contract - but obscheocheredniki not received a single square meter. It turned out, there are other categories that need it more and rely on a priority basis. These lucky ones are those who came for elective office in another region - such as MPs.

In 2007, the apartments were about 6% vneocherednikov, 2% - pervoocherednikov and only 0.98% of those who stood in the common queue. But Kiev has not stopped such hopelessness. Hoping for some luck, the total of all apartments from one year to replenish the new waiting list.

- Embark on a private queue can anyone who has five or more years was registered in Kiev and anyone living conditions do not meet sanitary standards, that is, per capita accounts for less than 7.5 square meters. m living space - explains the employee of one of the district kvartotdelov. - But we all warn that the chances to get free housing there. Want an apartment - save up the money, maybe you are lucky to get into one of the state programs. For example, now actually get a flat on the program "70 to 30.

That is 70% of the price you pay out of pocket, and 30% from the state. But keep in mind that such programs produce only illiquid housing - which the developer could not sell.

So what you're like, flat "on the ball" ...

She went after 36 years of waiting Faith Nurgalievne Cook and his family (a woman living with her daughter, son, daughter and granddaughter). Two-bedroom apartment on the 132 "square", which Cook received a new building on the Left Bank of the capital, is located in one of the technical floor.

Battery barely warm - they hooked up properly. In cold temperatures above 12C is not rising, because of what the kitchen wall of sweat started ... According to the project at this level generally did not include residential premises, but, according to the capital's real estate agencies, construction companies are often part of tehetazhey rework as apartments, which are distributed as sotszhile. So here there is no central ventilation system. Perhaps there on tehetazhe where there is equipment, it is, but when cut out accommodation, air wells are left outside.

Faith Nurgalievne got 132 "square" on tehetazhe new building. The lady a lot of claims to the quality of donated public housing

Vera Nurgalievna said that to rent an apartment should have a key - come and live, the state paid for it. But the woman shows the sewer pipes, backed by a brick, so as not to collapse.

- From all that we have previously suggested - it was the best option, - says Les, daughter of Vera Nurgalievny. - The five of us (my brother and his wife and daughter, me and mom) tried to cram into tiny "kopeck piece on Krasnozvezdny prospectus.

Abandoning her, listened to a lot of his ingratitude and fastidiousness. I am 32 years old did not know what his own room, and slept with his mother in the same bed, we have five of thirty years lived in 9 square meters and took turns eating because it all together in the kitchen did not fit! Even a birthday one she could not invite guests because there was nowhere to put the table - all the small room was filled with sofas.

- You would know how much humiliation endured, - is connected to the conversation Vera Nurgalievna. - At the offices of government officials have repeatedly hinted transparent, and even directly say that the process can be accelerated for a fee. But I had nothing to pay - a lifetime in publishing the operator has worked ... And if I had money, a bribe would not have given: raised in a different way.

Vera Nurgalievna says she never had bad luck in the queues, all before it ended. With apartments Timeout exception - they ended up on her.

- Whatever it was, I am thankful to God that even in old age appeared his corner - recognized the woman. - The granddaughter of the first time came here, I could not believe that it is all ours, here in fact the hall more than our entire Gostinka - smiling woman. It's a shame that live here as long as possible. In the winter the children had to move to the familiar (Gostinka a state visor), while I was sleeping in his hat, under three blankets. Heaters that area does not heat.


144 of those who never stood in line, got an apartment through obscheocherednikov in 2007.

Knowledgeable person

New Zhilkodeks will drive people into social ghettos "

Alexander Sergienko, the director of the city:

- In principle, the Housing Code was supposed to solve the issue of apartment turns, but he just walked by her side. The only thing that is there, so it is that after its entry into force of privatized apartments will be obtained. And how we relate to state property - you know, a couple of years, these brand-new home will turn into slums.

In fact, this is a return to Soviet times, when it was impossible to buy or sell an apartment, obtained from the state. People driven into social ghettos. Although such assistance from the state, as free rent, should give impetus to the family so that she could develop further.

"Gazeta po-Kiev"
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