The Ukrainians from the East began a thicket to to buy Accommodation in Western Ukraine

30.04.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate | The Ukrainians from the East began a thicket to to buy Accommodation in Western Ukraine People from the eastern regions began a thicket to usual to buy real estate in Western Ukraine, but in general, the trend in buying property abroad. This was stated by a representative of the Association of Realtors Alexander Sokol. At the same time , he noted that this trend is not yet a mass .

According to him , the people of Crimea , eastern regions , particularly Lugansk, Kharkov , especially those that have their roots in the West of the country , looking for opportunities to purchase housing in the western regions . " There is a definite shift from the eastern regions , someone who wants to find a safe zone for yourself - there is some migration of my customers enough move from the Crimea, from Kharkov is, from Lugansk . Personally, of those with whom I spoke , move , remember , who has roots in Uzhgorod, Lviv - for people who are not tied to the location work. Flow of no mass , but who has the opportunity - someone buys a second home ( except my own in eastern Ukraine ), "- the expert said.

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He added that increasing the number of transactions and purchase of property abroad. " Now it has increased the number of so-called" alternate aerodromes " - someone who wants to just have a spare base, that at any moment could move there if , God forbid , there will be some difficult situations in Ukraine" , - he said, added that in particular refers to the near abroad - EU countries : Hungary , Poland, Slovakia and others , Turkey, where the visa-free regime . U.S. seen as more distant prospect . He also added that this trend is and regional peculiarities. So , the Ukrainians of Bukovina increasingly considering moving to Romania, from the Carpathians - Hungary etc.
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