The truth about the realtor: «Black Committee», or stealing agents

26.09.2010 08:22
One such method is "false mediator". In general, this scheme looks like this: realtor, said his client, that between him and the seller (buyer) has an apartment broker, which requires him to pay for services. If payment is not - there will be no deal because the broker has a sufficient impact on the seller (buyer) to disrupt the forthcoming cooperation.

Sometimes the facilitator is a real person. But more often it does not actually exist, while income from payment of "mediation" banal settles in the pocket of a realtor. This, however, does not mean that if a client wants to see a non-existent broker, he can not be brought against him: as a rule, in that role if necessary performs one of the colleagues with pleasure playing in front of the customer "one-man show" .

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By the way, usually after such representations roguish realtors happy to discuss all the details of their kitchens and in the smoking agencies, consistently improving his mood. After all, if the play was successful, not only do they add to their own pockets, but also get rich portion of positive emotions on "how we shod these suckers." For those who do not understand: "fuckers" in this case - it's you, dear customers ...

Another Realtor variation, providing a "black commission" is "selling the rights" of sale or purchase. Performing this somersault if the realtor-crook represents the interests of the seller flats, on which there are several contenders. In this case, the representatives of the buyer declares that the preference will be given to them for the appropriate "additional personal remuneration."

During the period of stagnation of the market crisis that took place during most of last year, the method of "selling the rights" was widespread, but it runs contrary. In the definitive failure of buyers, realtors sold them, saying sales representatives that "additional compensation" is a condition of buying their facilities. And often the sellers, who had to implement their apartments, agreed to ...

In case, if the possibility of obtaining money by "selling the rights" are not available, can be used "discount" method. He runs like this: realtor tells his client, the seller that the buyer is found, but hard bargaining, so we need to "throw off small.

However, in reality the buyer has no intention to bargain: the seller lowers the price of none other than his realtor. And the seller of anything not guessed, is taking an advance for the discounted price, which reluctantly agreed Client-seller. And this treaty, if necessary, even presented to the client.

Where in this case, "Black Committee"? It is paid directly to realtors firm representing the opposing side. By the way, often in the case of "Chernukha" remains with the realtor the buyer as payment for "protection". Accordingly, on this same technology can be raffled off and return option in which the role of cash cow stands by the buyer. Just him in this case, not lower, and raise the price.

Ways to combat

It is clear that the first and major step in the protection of his own pocket - to provide comprehensive information about the prices of all items. Who said that the buyer has no right to discuss with the seller price of the apartment? It is their money, they - the decision makers, the principal in the transaction, and the realtors just paid assistants.

Therefore, necessarily talk to another party. And, quite possibly, the conversation will be in a realtor. I repeat - there is nothing to be ashamed of. And if the realtors for whatever reason, try to prevent this conversation, should think seriously about the reasons for their behavior - perhaps the matter is "unclean".

By the way, I remind you that the said several above: to decide on something to use technology "black commission, realtor could be in what he regards as a relatively secure for themselves. In other words, when the odds are that his client "did not catch." Therefore, even the expression of a consumer initiative to conduct intramural conversation on the financial issue with other parties in the transaction will demonstrate the realtor, which in this case, the client - not the Loch, and will keep track of every penny. And in this scenario, most realtors would prefer not to risk it.

Another tool the client in the fight against "black commission - the financial scheme of the transaction. In principle, this document is an "internal", that is composed realtors for their own use, and customers typically are not established. And often not prepared at all. So, if you as a customer financial scheme did not show up to the deal - worth require a realtor to do it. If, however, to such a request the agent refuses, I would recommend immediate access to company management. Is getting a black commission "personal initiative of the realtor, on which the administration has turned a blind eye, or these" pranks "are consistent at all levels of the agency, but if the scandal is brewing - a leader in the vast majority of cases will rise on the client side. Still, the reputation is more expensive ...

But if the management company will not accept the client side, even in situations of conflict, it is necessary to make the sad conclusion that "black commission - is the ideology of the firm. In this case, the search for truth within the company is meaningless: it is necessary or terminate the service contract on the basis that the company had violated a condition of remuneration, or call for help of additional forces. Who, exactly, to call - depends on the individual capabilities of the client ...

Oleg Samoilov, CEO of the Academy of Sciences "Relayt-Real Estate

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