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07.12.2009 16:03
Many admonitions about the profitability of insurance companies home insurance are beginning to bear its first fruits. If you have previously purchased such policies under the lash (giving credit to mortgage bankers need to insure the mortgaged property), now the Ukrainians get their own initiative. Learning how to lure customers, the company no less masterfully demonstrate their ability to evade payments.

Insurance against aliens

Perhaps the most striking example of the peculiarities of the domestic home insurance can serve as a tragedy with the explosion of house in Dnipropetrovsk. According to the "DS", 6 apartments in it were insured. However, only two insurance companies agreed to cover the loss and reimburse the three victims to the families of damages in the amount of 300-500 thousand UAH. for an apartment. Others in the UK refused to pay, explaining this by saying that a gas explosion in their insurance contracts was listed as an exception.

Yielding to advertising appeals, Ukrainians, buying an insurance policy, they want to get a refund in the event of destruction or damage to a house or apartment from a fire, gas explosion, the Gulf of water, theft and burglary. Insurers also often slip their customers contracts, insurance events in which natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, floods), falling aircraft or their parts, lightning and other very exotic misadventures.

"The risks of fire, flooding and explosions are standard and can not be excluded from insurance claims in the contract", - says head of the department of insurance property and liability Insurance Oranta Katerina Shmurova. "Exclusion of obvious risks demonstrates the true purpose of some of the UK - to collect premiums without intending to pay them", - said director general of the Association of Insurers of Ukraine Leonid Chorin. Sell ??these flawed policies of companies can be due to excessive credulity customers who do not usually peruse the text of the insurance contract. "Ukrainian soldier can not understand all the nuances of insurance, he buys the policy, and upon the occurrence of an event may well be that he was of him was not insured," - says the head of the insurance IC SIMPLE-insurance "Julia Wise.

Go to the vicious practice of declines desire to minimize the possibility of payments on insurance events. "If you have any prospects of a big payout, which is typical for home insurance, the UK can go to any, the most unexpected tricks" - warns Leonid Chorin. As a general rule, most often this sin UK, serving the mortgage. For example, "Pravex Insurance, which, in its contracts of insurance of housing, the purchase of which is taken in the related loan Pravex-Bank", any water damage refers to the exceptions. "When it comes to insuring the property transferred into the mortgage, the risk of" Gulf "for the constructive elements of the building is negligible and the bank does not need to insure it without fail" - justified by the chairman of SK Pravex Insurance Sergei Konstantinov. "If the most unprofitable risks are fires, the most common - the bays," - says the vice president of IC ASKA Elena Mosharo. All this allows companies to make homeowners insurance in uninterrupted source of income without the risk of spending.

Sales of "empty" and panders to self insurance supervisory authority of the insurance market - the state commission regulation of financial services markets, although the legislation provides the regulator sufficient leverage on the wards. According to Article 41 of the Law on Insurance Financial Services Commission may intervene in politics in the UK with respect to tariffs, insurance amounts, and conditions of contract formation, when it comes to property insurance of individuals. In addition, all insurance rules, under which the UK provide their services, endorse officials of the State Commission. Gossips insist that the Financial Services Commission has its own interest not to interfere in the lucrative business UK.

To attach insurance ZhEKi

Now the service home insurance declare more than 50 of the 430 domestic UK. And if in 2006 some 80% of premiums on this type of SC was collected by banks, requiring mandatory registration of insurance to pledge the house, now they are themselves well attract customers. According to Elena Mosharo this year for the mortgage to not more than 25% of the market. "In connection with inhibition of growth of mortgage companies are expanding their sales channels of insurance products", - said Ms. Mosharo. "The alternative trade policy is its own network of branches, insurance agents, real estate agents and even ZhEKi" - added a colleague, department head of property insurance, insurance group "TAS" Natalia Vitomskaya.

Such zeal insurers in promoting this product is quite understandable. If the level of payments for motor insurance can sometimes reach up to 90% of collected premiums, the insurance of housing does not exceed 30%. Although tariffs for this type of insurance are not that low, and depending on the company consists of 0,1-0,6% of property value. "The cost of policy is influenced by such factors as the year of construction or last major overhaul of the building. As well as the presence of the alarm, the presence of a concierge in a ceremonial (if the apartment is insured against burglary or theft), "- tells the underwriter of property risks IC Allianz Galina Petrenko. "If the property is insured against fire risk, the rate will depend on the availability of the apartment fire extinguishing system, if the theft - of the additional means of protection, such as bars on windows or sensor alarm, intercom, code locks in the entrance. In the presence of such funds the cost of the policy may be reduced by half "- adds a leading specialist insurance division of property and liability of individuals SK Providna Anna Danysz. Insurance contracts are concluded for a period of 3 months to a year depending on the IC.

According to the Ukrainian National Mortgage Association, the first 9 months of 2007, domestic banks issued 16 billion UAH. mortgage loans or for consumer needs bail housing. The average market rate for mortgage insurance is 0.5% of the cost of housing. It turns out that since the beginning of the volume of insurance only mortgage assets has reached 80 million USD. Whole, the market for home insurance for 9 months of this year was estimated by "DS", about 360 million UAH. And its potential for more than 7 billion USD. per year. "In my estimation, has insured only 5% of all housing in the country", - said chairman of the board of IG "TAS" Dmitry Gritsuta.

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