The territory of Lviv will be doubled

28.07.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | The territory of Lviv will be doubled The territory of Lviv before 2025 may increase by two times. This provides a new general plan of the city, which is being developed by the institute "Mistoproekt.
According to the chief architectural and planning workshop № 2 Mistoproekta Vitaly Dubina, to finalize the master plan specialists are going to this September. "After that, begin the process of discussion and examination. If they do not heal, the master plan will be ready in spring 2009. For these works is allocated one million hryvnia "- says Dubin.

At the moment the territory of Lviv is 15 thousand hectares. According to the architect of the Institute of Peter Krupa, according to city planning system, "Great Lions 2025, the territory of the city plan to expand to 28,000 hectares from 14 settlements. In Lviv plans to join Sokolniki Bryukhovychi, Bison, Pasika Zubritsky, Ore, Podryasnoe, Ryasna-Russian, Lisinichi, Podbirtsy, Winter Water, Sknyliv, Malakhov and Magpie-Lviv. To join these settlements to the regional center shall require the consent of the Verkhovna Rada, in addition, must pass a local referendum. According to Dubin, the developers of the general plan of Lviv is also working on a master plan of these settlements. "This is the development of transport infrastructure, networks, housing, development of social facilities. We plan to establish an association of local councils in these settlements and Lvov, "- said Vitaly Dubina. At the moment, have developed master plans of six villages in three more.

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Peter Krupa is projected that by 2025 Lions may rise to 34-35 thousand hectares. "We are developing a plan for continuation of Lviv to the future motorway Krakovets - Lions in the northern part of the city" - he explains.

The previous master plan was approved in Lviv in 1993, but in 2000 the local authorities commissioned the Institute "Mistoproekt" developing a new document.
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