The Tax Code does not affect the cost of building materials

19.11.2010 16:30
The tax rates for subsurface use in mining operations actually increases the rate of inflation for 2010-2011. or do not change. This opinion was expressed by deputy general director of financial-industrial group "Altcom Mikhail Kovalev.<br /><br />As reported LigaBusinessInform the press service of the company, the tax on extraction of foundry sand, chalk and lime to increase to 17.92 USD per ton of cement raw materials - up to 12.06 USD per ton, plaster - up to USD 18.26. For all positions grow by 18,5%.<br /><br />"The cost of cement is more dependent on energy prices, which in the cost accounts for about half of the cost" - gave an example of Kovalev.<br /><br />The tax on bitumen for road paving will increase by 18,4% - to 5.98 USD per t.Ne change the tax rate on production of decorative stone, sand for glass production, raw material for sawn wall materials and rubble on the sand and gravel and brick -tile raw material, clay.<br /><br />According Minregionstroya for 7 months in Ukraine lime production increased compared to 7 months in 2009 to 10,1% - up to 2.351 million tons, pebbles, gravel, gravel and crushed stone - on 8,5% - to 22.68 million cubic meters. m. Production of bricks dropped by 14% - to 448.6 million units, gypsum - by 9,5% - to 233.5 thousand tons of cement - on 4,7% - to 5,071,000 tons<br /><a href=""></a> <br />
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