The taboo on the ground. The city will no longer sell free sites

17.04.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | The taboo on the ground. The city will no longer sell free sites According to the adopted last week by the local city council position on trading in Dnepropetrovsk is now impossible to buy vacant land. At the auctions will be sold only the right long-term lease sites. Owners may be perhaps that the current tenants, who built the communal allotments sites.
After several months, do not cease debate, Dnipropetrovsk city council still approved the provision of land auctions. From now on they will not be able to buy the property free site will be sold only the right long-term lease undeveloped land. As already reported, "DS", developed around a year ago, a document crossed spears representatives of major factions. The stumbling block was the imminent establishment of the analytical group, which was to decide which sites to put up for auction. Elected officials have failed to understand the composition and powers of this body and agreed on what can be done without it. Make decisions on the allocation of available plots for sale rights to their land and will lease the architectural commission of the City Council, controlled by the "regionals". Another innovation - the mandatory sale of auction sites for more than 50 square meters. m, although the original version of the project were listed 30 kV. m. This change in the City Council told the interests of small businesses. However, if a little put there are at least two candidates, they also have to compete in pay. Did not get accepted into position and click on "cooperation with the city, suggests that potential buyers will bargain for the land at a stage prior approval of the construction of future facilities. Apparently, the MPs thought it was infringing the interests of private entrepreneurs from large businesses.

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Over recent years, the owners of financial-industrial groups and construction companies are actively resettled slum dwellers in the city center, and free from construction sites, mostly in the hills, get a rental unopposed. It seems that the new position is written specifically for them, because, according to this document, the right to purchase land is fixed solely by the tenants, it was built on objects. Consequently, owners of the most prestigious urban allotments could become a company associated with the group "Privat" corporations "Alef", "Olbia" and "Master" and SC "Creator" and "Perspective".

Many members of the newly elected city council feel that this land illegally occupied by businesses, but they are unlikely to initiate a termination of the previously concluded agreements. Especially because city council, taking such a decision, motivated by his desire to get rid of the intermediaries, who earn on reselling sites, and encourage the construction. Although, according to the management of communal property Municipality, the cost is put on a 6-7-year rent for it, so the city is unprofitable to sell built-up areas.
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