The system of «trade in» when buying property in Ukraine

01.10.2010 20:27
Reducing the demand for real estate - a steady trend in the primary market of Ukraine. In connection with decreasing solvency of consumers, and the unstable situation in the country, developers and construction companies began to seek ways to implement any of its facilities. Service «trade in» in Ukraine has appeared very recently and has become a temporary crisis management method implemented by developers, experts say companies Socmart.

In English the «trade in» - to give the old thing at the expense of buying new. Throughout the world, particularly in Ukraine, this service is provided to car dealers. Choose a favorite car, the customer leaves your used car dealer, and then assesses the «trade in»: diagnose the technical state of the vehicle and determined its price. This price will be deducted from the price of a new vehicle when determining the value of the transaction. The client can pay for a car in the «trade in» as their own means, and with the help of bank loans. This is an idea borrowed from developers, so it became a reality to sell the "shabby" flat in the payment of new housing.

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C the onset of the crisis service «trade in» is widespread in Russia, Ukraine is only a few companies have implemented this system. A significant portion of the right audience - young families, owning a small apartment in the capital, families who have a few apartments and they want to live under one roof. "

The market of cottage building in Ukraine is actively growing, and many families would like to improve their living conditions, using the payment system «trade in», the buyer does not need to wait to be sold to his apartment - he gets a new home immediately. All the difficulties associated with updating and flat sales at home, takes on the aspect of the company, informs building portal socMart. Vacate the apartment can be when we have finished all the finishing and repair work in the new house.

So how do you make a purchase on the system?

To decide on the type of cottage
Obtain detailed information about the terms of the transaction, the system of discounts, etc.
Agree on an expert assessment of the documents to the apartment from the legal and security services company.
An independent evaluation of apartment
Conclude a treaty reservation is made in the case of mutual consent, and the positive conclusion of all services
Make a purchase and sale of the apartment and the purchase and sale of homes and land
Make additional payment for a new household, if the price of an apartment does not cover the cost of the cottage
This payment system has several advantages for customers, as first sale of the old housing and the acquisition of "primary" is engaged not in itself a natural person and the company is the developer and there is no monetary costs associated with selling "second home", instead of his old apartment at the same time You get a house with land.

Need to accumulate the total amount required to purchase a new apartment thing of the past, thanks to widely spread program of mortgage lending from different banks, as well as schemes housing sales in installments development companies working in the primary market of construction of new buildings. Given the situation with the banking system of Ukraine, and that interest in buying a home are the biggest in the world - the service allows you to pay only the difference in the credit which the company offers the developer, rather than bank on more favorable terms.

Activation of this method of sales promotion of housing in our country depends on the timing of the crisis and the new model of economic relations. As the staff socMart, schvnedrenie of «trade in» in Ukraine, would be not only a great marketing ploy to attract new customers, but also an additional opportunity to acquire new housing for people with average incomes. Unfortunately, this system is not implemented the largest developers in Ukraine and is not yet available when buying apartments in new buildings, although it is promising.

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Natalia Sirootchenko Socmart
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