The Swiss are strongly against the construction of new cities

20.05.2011 11:21
Articles about real estate | The Swiss are strongly against the construction of new cities More and more Swiss people want to stop the chaotic building picturesque Swiss landscape, evidenced by the results of the study.

The problem building up of natural areas, more and more worried about the population of Switzerland.

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According to the poll, 66% of respondents concurred that the city cover the Swiss should be limited at current figure (2006 - 50% of the territory, 2007 - 54% 2008 - 56%).

60% of respondents felt that too many buildings covered by Swiss territory, while 83% wanted to limit the number of buildings in a particularly scenic spots.

Two-thirds of respondents would like to reduce the area covered by buildings, half in five years, the newspaper

The environmental organization in the country Pro Natura believes that the figures show popular support in their initiative to preserve the natural landscape. However, such support is not observed either by the Federal Council or by Parliament.
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