The success of the cottage area ensures competent project

06.04.2011 10:00
Articles about real estate | The success of the cottage area ensures competent project Competent project largely determines the commercial success of a country cottage complex. While mistakes, originally committed architects and designers can not only undermine the financial position of the developer, but also significantly reduce the quality of life in the village.

The difference in approaches

The construction project is typically created as follows. Company-builder orders the bureau to develop an architectural concept, it is assumed to provide photorealistic renderings, floor layouts, drawings, facades and a list of finishing materials. The concept gives an idea about the optimal division of the site and placement of objects to determine the balance of the territories, to calculate the resources and start building the technical documentation. In the next step is a project of planning the territory, which was later put to a public hearing is in the process and approval. Then carried out detailed design. Full range of activities in view of obtaining the documentation takes about a year, on the formation of the concept is usually given to about a month. As noted by Victor Kovalenko, the director of consulting company "RealEkspo, the companies are building settlements business and elitklassa, as a rule, issues related to the design and architecture, chief architect in charge of your own. The companies involved ekonomsegmentom, the position of Chief Architect is allocated fairly rare.

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Very popular in recent way to cause public interest - to attract well-known Ukrainian and foreign architects. Although, according to Victor Kovalenko, even the most respected name in itself does not provide investment attractiveness. Comparing domestic and foreign architects, Victor Kovalenko, notes that the ability to calculate the parameters of the building, to analyze the properties of our materials are not worse. The main advantage of foreign schools is that there is a better understanding of customers, so the houses are more comfortable.

Derive maximum

Before starting work on the subject is required to analyze the features of the land. According to Victor Kovalenko, the most competent project leverages features of the landscape and effectively hides the negative environment. If the market has some unique natural features, such as borders or in the forest with a pond, the problem of stress value - say, a recreation or beach area. Lake or the woods often make major chip project. Overgrown pond can become a network of ornamental canals, and hilly terrain gives grounds to speak about the unique characteristics of the species. The next significant moment - the number of common areas and provided infrastructure. The greater the collective territory, the easier and more comfortable to live in the township. On the other hand the efficiency of land use (the ratio of public places and private areas) - one of the key performance indicators for the project developer. "Buyers should understand that wide roads, green zones, insulation of public places and other amenities - a financial burden, which substantially increase the cost of land - explains Victor Kovalenko. - The task of Architects - optimize placement of houses and infrastructure without significant increased cost of housing. "

One more important thing said Victor Kovalenko: an expensive settlement with the quality concept of "filling" should be appropriate. For example, a business project unacceptable hanging wires, the network must be removed in the ground. Must also comply with the correct value for land and homes. After the crisis, it is this: no more than 1 / 3 of the contract value falls on the ground, the rest - at home. In addition, the complex should be properly divided into zones. In the elite part of the plots are larger, and is unacceptable that they vary in price more than quadrupled. Particularly delicate moment - the organization of settlements near the water. "Here you need to make an interesting and expensive first line would not jeopardize the interests of other residents. It should provide convenient access to water for all "- explains Victor Kovalenko.

Pay attention

In the first stages of a country market is often made itself felt lack of experience of the designers. For example, a large-scale settlements was made one visit - it is the same entry. As a result, peak-hour traffic jam formed. Another common mistake made a decade ago - to build on small plots of 12-15 hectare area of ??mansions in the 500-600 "squares." In addition, previously commonly used linear or square-breeding boarding houses, so that people living in contrast, were forced to look each other in the window. Today, architects adhere predominantly curvilinear trace of the streets. Victor Kovalenko advises on first inspection of the village to assess the width of the roads. According to him, if this value is less than 10 meters, the project certainly made violations of routing and location network. Buying home ownership at the river or near a forest, it is necessary to clarify how sustained provision of the law (especially in the coastal zone), observing the current restrictions. For example, in accordance with building regulations remoteness of the village from the forest must be at least 15 m.

Victor Kovalenko listed the most obvious signs of high-level project: the width and quality of roads, public areas in a convenient location (within walking distance), high level of isolation of "negative" areas, including the noisy public places, effective cutting of land and planting houses (the minimum number of complicated form of plots, lack of a kind "box in the window"). However, there are significant financial investment in the territory design (wide streets, the mass of green areas, shops and public places within walking distance) - is primarily to expensive settlements. In economy class all the much more modest. Savings without compromising on quality allows only a small range of issues. "Reduce the cost of the project could reduce the total area of ??roads and driveways (this is the most expensive part of engineering training), optimization schemes laying communications, modern materials and equipment for the network (for example, replacement wells beskolodeznoy sidebar).

Victor Kovalenko

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