The strangest laws on real estate in the world

30.10.2010 00:00
In Alabama, banned gambling establishments. Each law has gaps. One businessman arranged the institution is on the ship. At a set of customers even on dry land, forbidden to play. But as soon as the ship sailed, all the laws remained on the land. At the same United States, buying property, do not expect that you will be issued a residence permit.

In Singapore, the situation is even worse: to buy an apartment problem, first you must get permission to buy it from the employer, and secondly your job must relate to the category of "useful to the state." The French have a way to save on taxes. They`re doing construction on the Seine than easy on yourself.

Maltese law and does prohibit the purchase of real estate by foreigners, it seems there is so little, its not enough. And here in Switzerland, foreign nationals can buy property only in expensive areas.
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