The state is developing a comprehensive system of support for youth

03.11.2010 07:50
This was announced at a press conference in Kharkiv Deputy Secretary of National Security and Defense of Ukraine Nestor Shufrich, talking about how to address youth problems.

Shufrich stressed that solving the problems of youth, the state should provide young professionals the first workspace, as well as give an opportunity to buy their own homes, writes UNIAN.

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According Shufrych, President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has supported this idea, and at the initiative of young people's deputies from Party of Regions is now being developed to support the concept of youth.

"We have developed a system that will encourage the provision of the first three years of working space with the average salary in the region", - he said.

According Shufrych, the state would impose sanctions against businesses that refuse to hire young professionals, and these funds "will accumulate a fund that will encourage those who will take on the work of young professionals."

"If you have a high-tech production and you can not hire a young specialist, there are certain risks, has paid the appropriate additional fee to the state. The state will redistribute the money among those who take young professionals "- explained Shufrich.

He noted that the company would be interested in hiring young professionals due to the introduction of certain benefits. "These charges will flow to those enterprises, which will take young professionals. You took a young specialist, at the expense of the savings fund you will pay less for its social and other charges ", - said Shufrich.

He stressed that hire young professionals will be obliged to all enterprises, and quotas should be communicated to all enterprises regardless of ownership, but the number of young professionals working in one enterprise will be limited.

In addition, according to Shufrych, the state would encourage banks to grant loans to young families at the rate of 200-240 thousand UAH. to purchase housing. "The interest here must take a state" - said Shufrich.

Shufrych also said that in principle support for the head of state of this project is, and now has begun to develop a "system of charges for those who refuse to provide jobs for young professionals, as well as compensation formula banks interest on loans for young families to purchase housing.

He expressed hope that the support program for youth will be introduced from next year, and budget support for its realization will be available from 2012.

"I really want us there were 50 million, and for that our youth need to provide a stable income and a roof over your head" - summed up Shufrich.
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