The situation in the secondary housing market in Ukraine: Trends and Forecasts

08.12.2009 11:30
Андрей Шульга, президент Ассоциации специалистов по недвижимости УкраиныThis was told Andrey Shulga, the president of the Association of Realtors of Ukraine at the Second All-Ukrainian investment forum "Investments in real estate and construction-2009" in Kiev.

As of May 2009, at an average cost of 1 sq. m of residential property in the secondary market leader Pechersk district (3617 dollars.), Followed by Shevchenko district (2,176 dollars) and the third Obolonskyi region (1835 dollars)..
According ASNU average cost of 1 sq. m of housing in the primary market as of May repeats the situation on the secondary market. Championship at Caves (3387dol.), followed by Shevchenko district (2633 dollars). And the third - Hem (2382 dollars).
According to Mr. Shulga "The rate of reduction of cost index slowed down considerably. Prices of sales in the mass housing practically stable. Therefore, judging from the sales price, the market has reached a kind of "bottom".
Trends in the Kiev real estate market is gradually changed. There is a bundle of market and increasing demand for better and more spacious housing. "
The index of home prices in the secondary market in Kiev in April 2009: 1819 $ / sq.m. (-1.8% Per month). The index of price expectations: -5.6% per month (4.1%). Profitability index: -5.3 Bank Dep. (-1.3 Bank Dep.) During the first quarter of 2009 value index fell by 23.1%.
"Residential real estate increases in value, which is a good signal. In May real estate increased by 2,7%. The largest price increase observed in the "Gostinka and small two-bedroom apartments. Large apartments show a fall. Newly built housing continues to fall. House prices falling faster in the center than in the suburbs ", - says Andrey Shulga.

Victor Kovalenko
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