The situation in the housing market in Cherkassy stable: «steadily built nothing»

03.03.2011 14:22
Articles about real estate | The situation in the housing market in Cherkassy stable: «steadily built nothing» Housing construction in the Cherkasy has bright prospects in the coming years.

This opinion Cherkasskys experts real estate market. For several years, the city not yet begun, no new construction of a residential facility, barely able to put into operation the old objects that began 5 years ago.

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"Last year in Cherkassy was commissioned only 5 houses. And 5 years ago in the city is commissioned annually by more than 20 houses, "- told a press conference, Director of the Department of Architecture, Building and Land Management Executive Committee Cherkassky Marina Gerashchenko.

Today the city is building several houses. But this - objects, construction of which began 2006-2007. According to the vice-president of the Association "Group of Companies Dobrobud Yuri Kapitonenko, the market situation of primary residence in Cherkassy for several years now stable: steady does not build." This situation provoked a financial crisis, which halted development of the construction industry.

"When the building was on the rise, the funding went through mortgage loans. A natural person may apply to the bank, get a loan. When the crisis has stopped the issuance of such loans to a halt, and housing ", - said Yuri Ivanovich.

Yuri Kapitonenko stressed that even in such a situation for builders has its advantages: firstly, in times of crisis construction firms accumulate ideas, make decisions quickly. And secondly, the crisis will clear the market by unscrupulous firms.

According to experts, the further development of the housing industry to Cherkassy depends only on the implementation of government programs to build affordable housing. So, today in the regional programs of the Affordable Housing for 2010-2017 years. As part of its implementation of a State may allocate more than 46 million hryvnia for the construction of affordable housing.

"These are 30% funded by the state budget and nearly UAH 100 million. expected to attract from those who want to purchase a house "- said Marina Gerashchenko. The cost of such housing will be 4290 USD. per square meter (cost of 1 square meter in the primary market in Cherkassy on average 5-6 thousand hryvnia).

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