The roof in the style of Feng Shui

19.10.2010 20:31
Articles about real estate | The roof in the style of Feng Shui Using the Oriental art of feng shui, you can skillfully combine elements of mysticism, common sense and good taste not only furnished interior of your home, but also creating a graceful and harmonious image of the roof.

Theater begins with a hanger, and the house ... from the roof. At all times, people sought to gain protection over his head, but in the modern world, more beautiful and desirable. In the spiritual traditions of the East, namely, the feng shui house - it is the eyes, the front door - the mouth, a roof - it was the head of the house, so it must be the most harmonious, very solid and made of advanced materials.

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Roof shape in feng shui is of considerable importance, for example, the most ideal roof is round, having no beginning or end, symbolizing infinity.

The flat roof on the building at least four floors is considered unfavorable mark in terms of harmony with nature.

"Angels" of the roof (roof pagoda) - their soft curves of curved edges promote the circulation of energy and well protected from the wind, and sharp angles reflect the negative impact from the outside.

The pyramidal roof, which has four sides arranged in four main areas, and the space under the roof generates a powerful charge of energy, good for magic and creative activities.

Symmetrical roof in the form of an equilateral triangle will bring luck to its inhabitants.

The most unfortunate form of the roof - wavy - located high above the front door, but gently fall to the end of the building. This form marks a successful start, but the loss at the end of any undertakings.

The roof in the form of an oval or crescent symbolizes the element of metal and is favorable only for industrial installations.

Sunken roof with inner slope from the edges, like dissecting a house in half, will have a negative impact on family relationships, promoting discord and misunderstanding between children and parents.

In the eastern traditions of special importance to not only form, but roofing materials. A roof made of copper will depress some people, and energize others, whose personal element coincides with the cyclone roof - metal. But even owners of this element is thoughtful - metallokryshi has many shortcomings. This heat from the sun, and the need to install devices snegozaderzhivayuschih winter, and drumming during the rain.

Another thing - the roof of tiles, whose element Earth, which gives a person a sense of individuality. Losing connection to the land, we lose self-confidence, intuition, and loses the ability to unity with the world around us. Do not lose touch with the earth - one of the main recommendations of feng shui.

One of the most popular now - shingles (soft, bituminous). This is probably the most successful variant of the roof in the spirit of Feng Shui, as it is ideal for roofs of any shape. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of tile shapes, high-quality components and rich colors of this material.

For example, in the five collections Ruflex (Finnish manufacturer Katepal OY) - more than 35 colors and shades that allows you to create a unified ensemble roofs and houses in one color and style appropriate to the temperament of the owner and the natural landscape. By the way, Ruflex directly on the site offers to pick up the form and color of the roof, option and color cladding, "try" gutters and calculate the cost of selected options. A convenient service that helps to play Feng Shui your future roof.

As for color roof - single interpretation eastern sages do not give. The only recommendation is in accordance color elements. And if we talk about the Earth - it is green, sand, peach, brown and their possible variations. Continuing to talk about shingles, it is worth noting that in each collection Ruflex is the most successful colors for that element. For example, "Terracotta," Taiga "," Golden sand ". The red color corresponding to the elements of Fire, is considered very dangerous. But the "weakened" the Earth will be favorable for people dressed authority. This merging of elements Ruflex presented in each palette collections Ruflex Super - Color "Autumn-Red", "Red" and more subdued white "Heather".

To create a constant energy supply in the area near the house you want the element of water - a small pond, lake, fountain. Above all, the pond is not located behind the house. In fact, according to the principles of feng shui - the house should be based on the posterior part of the "turtle" - a mountain or hill, which will serve as protection. Metallic elements in the form of a cast-iron fence, forged metal benches in front of the house will contribute to success in financial affairs.

Write a roof in the style of feng shui is meant to know the secret of the harmony of its occupants and energy balance. Achieving this goal entails augmentation of wealth, love and health of its inhabitants. Incidentally, the Chinese sages called those who equips the space of feng shui, Fortune satellites. These people live under a lucky star, with a sense of comfort and unity with nature.

This house is located on the east facade, which is the element of Wood. The roof is made of a combination of several forms - the pyramid, ie store energy. The symmetry of the individual elements will bring people home luck. A rectangular shape of slope conveys the basic elements of Water Quality - wisdom, perseverance, determination, ability to communicate, a passion for travel.

The element Earth is reflected in the color of the roof - "Copper" from the collection Ruflex Super Jazzy, very well fit into the overall look of the house and, presumably, into the surrounding landscaping. The element of wood as expressed in the facade of the house and represents vitality, home comfort and wisdom in difficult situations of life of its inhabitants.

The dimensions and proportions of the house are in equilibrium, hence, energy flows are also balanced. The whole image of the house gives the impression of harmony.

In order to comply with all laws of feng shui to make the house comfortable and successful life - need to think of all of its elements, materials and construction technology at the stage of design. Then, according to Chinese philosophy, success does not leave the house during his lifetime, at least five generations.
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