The rights of foreigners and the procedure of buying property in Turkey

27.12.2009 20:19
Foreign citizens can become owners of real estate in Turkey, with some restrictions. Thus, for foreign and physical and legal persons prohibited purchase of objects in the countryside, military exclusion zones and security zones, as well as registration of land plots.

To purchase property in Turkey for Russians need a residence permit, but to get it is not a problem (see "About visa and residence permit"). Term of its receipt - week, the cost - approximately ? 200 for six months.

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The total area of the property purchased or leased an individual property may not exceed 2.5 hectares (25 thousand square meters. M) across the country. An alien may be issued only to objects registered in the land register as housing or workplace.

How to start the buying process

To select an object for sale, it is best to contact the agency. Selling Turkish real estate deals with many companies both in Turkey and in Russia. You can make a purchase or remotely, by contacting the agency via the Internet, but to better assess housing personally, the more so in Turkey prices for similar objects may be different once in two or three - the sellers may deliberately overstate them. Appeal to the agency will assess the real value of the property, determine the price level of houses and apartments of similar settings and avoid speculation.

Before the transaction the buyer's passport data to be translated into Turkish in translation in Turkey or the Turkish Embassy (consulate) in Russia.

How to arrive

The most convenient way to get to Turkey - the airplane. From St. Petersburg flights fly to Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir, from Moscow - Ankara, Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir and Istanbul. The cost of the ticket in both parties - from ? 350.

No direct rail link between Russia and Turkey, no. You can follow the train through Bulgaria in Sofia with a transfer, but in this case would require the Bulgarian transit visa, so this practice is common enough.

There are bus tours. Estimated travel time - two or three days, the cost - around ? 140 round trip. However, in this case required a transit visa.

The cheapest way to get to Turkey - the sea. Motor-ship and ferry flights to operate from the Black Sea ports of Russia and Ukraine (for the intersection of Russo-Ukrainian border, visa is not required): Sochi, Sevastopol, Kherson, Odessa, Yalta - in Istanbul, Trabzon and Sinop. Ticket price of about ? 50 in one direction, along the way - about eight hours.

Opening a Turkish bank

Settlements between the buyer and the seller made by bank transfer. The procedure for opening accounts in the Turkish bank is quite simple. First, the tax police to the place of stay to formalize the tax number. For this you need a passport and its photocopy and application for a tax number.

The bank must present a passport, tax number, as well as the obligatory residence. You can open an account in euros, U.S. dollars or Turkish lira. The procedure takes a few minutes, you can put the money immediately. The minimum deposit amount does not exist - when you open the account can even be empty.

What is the deal

After selecting an object the buyer makes a down payment on the account of the seller. Its size is different in each individual case and may range from 5% to 50% of the property value. If the buyer refuses the deal, the deposit is not returned to him. The deposit is desirable to specify in the contract a separate item in the penalty applied to both sides. If the seller refuses the deal, it will return the deposit to double.

Then the parties sign a contract. This can be done at the agency or by a notary. The presence of the notary is recommended to ensure the security of the transaction. However, in practice, many refuse his services to the principle of cost savings, because his commission is 1% of the property value specified in the contract. The cost of the notary assumes the buyer.

After signing the contract and obtain a residence permit must be obtained from the Ministry of Defense authorization for the purchase of property, confirming that the object is not in the classified or protected area. Inquiries sent by mail to the War Office in Izmir. In practice, this procedure is a mere formality, as the realtors do not offer facilities that are prohibited for sale to foreigners. Getting a permit takes from 2 to 5 months.

This procedure requires the following documents:
- Passport to the buyer with a notary certified translation into Turkish language;
- A copy of residence permit notarized;
- A copy of Tapu seller of the facility;
- Two color photos;
The cost of filing the documents are ? 55.

When buying a ready-made facility for the registration of the contract in the Land Registry Office requires full payment of all amounts when buying at the construction stage possible installment payment (date fixed in the contract). Tools transferred to the buyer's account to the account of the seller (ie, non-cash).

After the approval of Izmir received, the seller (or a representative of the seller's attorney), the buyer (or buyer's representative by proxy), realtors and notary (public) translator found in Land Registry Office. Here is the transfer of the Tapu - the basic document of title (by this time must be paid all taxes and other costs associated with the transfer of the Tapu). When making transactions involving foreigners who do not speak the Turkish language, the necessary condition of legitimacy of the contract is the signature of a state interpreter. Term obtaining Tapu - a few days. Following his receipt of the buyer becomes the legal owner of dwelling.

Associated costs

Tax on buying property in Turkey is about 3% of the amount fixed in the contract. It must be made by the seller and the buyer is equally divided, but as a rule, the entire amount paid by the buyer. Payments Agency (6%) falls on the shoulders of the seller. In addition, the buyer pays the notary fees, if he wants his presence at the signing of the contract (1%), the seller - stamp duty (0.5%). Costs in obtaining Tapu range from ? 500 to ? 1500 depending on the value of real estate.

All fees are levied at the time of the transfer of ownership to the new owner (receiving Tapu). Notary services are paid in cash in the notary's hand, agent's commission - in cash or transfer to a bank account agent, taxes - in cash in state tax authorities.

Purchase of housing under construction

Buying a property under construction in recent practice in 80% of transactions conducted in the Turkish market. Benefits of such purchases is the lower cost of purchased housing. By the end of the construction price of the object increases by 15-20%.

If the property is under construction, then, as a rule, the payment is in installments. In the sales contract indicates the order of payments, the percentage of the initial contribution and responsibility of the parties in the event of default.

Mortgage in Turkey

Law on the mortgage has been enacted in Turkey, March 6, 2007. Until that time, mortgages for Turkish citizens and foreigners lacking. Lodging a mortgage in Turkey is only possible on objects that are in the following cities: Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum, Datca, Didim, Kusadasi, Mahmutlar, Mugla, Istanbul, Fethiye.

To obtain a mortgage loan to an alien requires the following documents:
- Passport - with a certified translation into Turkish;
- A copy of Tapu seller of the facility;
- Residence;
- Registration number of the taxpayer;
- A copy of technical passport of the building ( "Search"), confirming that the building exists and is suitable for habitation (taken from the builder);
- Review all income, translated into Turkish and certified in Russia's embassy or consulate in Turkey. However, you can help bring in Turkey, it is transferred and certified by a notary.
- 2 personal income tax (an income statement)
- Confirmation of the availability of bank account.

In addition, it is desirable to provide proof of ownership of real estate in Russia or in another country, documents for vehicles (if any). This will be a plus, confirming that the buyer - a wealthy man. You can also provide information on other income, for example, rent, if any. Such revenues can be described in a free form.

Loans are granted to foreigners for a period of five to 20 years by 10-11% per annum. Real estate is cheaper ? 30 thousand in credit can not be bought. Bank loan of up to 70% of the value of the object. Loan to purchase property in Turkey can be obtained in Russia's bank.

How to rent a house in Turkey

Rent housing in Turkey, please contact the real estate agency, tourism or private viewing ads on Internet sites or other media - Russian or Turkish.

Relations between landlord and tenant are governed by bilateral contract of lease. Typically, tenant pay a deposit in the amount of monthly payment which is returned upon termination, subject to preservation of the property. Set minimum and maximum rental cost here does not exist.

The lease term is determined by agreement of both parties. If the tenant for the duration of paid regularly, the period is automatically extended for another year. Otherwise, the landlord must notify the landlord in writing about the impossibility of extending at least 15 days before the expiration of the contract. Delivery of property in sublease prohibited by law.

Average cost of renting an apartment 60 square. m in the center of Istanbul is about ? 400 per month. Cyprus villas for rent in the resort of the Mediterranean coast can be roughly ? 800 per month (if the furniture is from ? 2 500).
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