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22.02.2012 09:00
Articles about real estate | The right priorities when choosing an apartment Which apartment will suit you more - better, or cheaper, or in a prestigious area close to the subway? In general, it will be the correct choice of priorities. Almost every time an opposite realtors have to deal with two types of buyers. The first know exactly what they need, while the latter represent only about what they would like.

And if the first buyer is usually no problem, then tortured with the second account for a long time. And often it happens that people from the first category, suddenly transformed into the second. When, during the display suddenly realize that the right option for some reason did not find it. The reason for these changes is the same as that of the "indecisive" buyers - and those and others do not clearly exhibited priority in buying a home, and there are only vague suggestions of some "ideal" for their apartments. But there is simply no flats. Always something will be different. This story told us at the agency, "Your house." The customer simply dreamed of a cozy apartment in the "quiet center". Indeed, this type of apartments enjoys a certain popularity among the townspeople. Typically, these apartments are located in the small streets near the central lines - on the one hand there is no fuss Downtown, on the other hand all the advantages of the central areas, that is at hand.

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They are usually chosen by people who had lived in the city center and do not represent their lives in an apartment in some "sleeping village". In their opinion, Kiev - this is only the city center. In some ways they are right. But this reason, many idealize the city center, oblivious to the modern changes in it - constant traffic jams, bad ecology, low vegetation, the lack of chain stores. All this of course "stuff", but the little things, significantly affect daily life. It is these little things and forget our shopper. She bought an apartment, and again six months later was forced to apply to the agency with a request to find an apartment. The reason - she just could not get along with the inconvenience of the center, and primarily because of dirty air. Shortly after the move she has jumped sharply the pressure worsened overall health. As a result, she had to of "silent center" to move. Moreover, relatively close - at Obolon, where she found a flat near the embankment of the Dnieper. Price errors - double commissions and the second crossing. But if it were the beginning of correctly formulated its preferences (close to downtown, clean air, green), then no problem would not exist. Sometimes the problem is that buyers, in principle, the lights know what they want, but here is to place these priorities can not really. Someone just out of habit, some experts hoped someone acts simply to chance, hoping that sooner poured too late, "he will fall something decent."

One such buyer "at random" we were told in the agency "Planet Obolon". The buyer wanted to "no matter what, but a decent three-ruble note in a residential area." Typically, buyers who know what they want, missing two or three hits to take a final decision. Hesitant buyers have to look at five or six apartments. But even diffident buyers usually still solve their problems for a couple of months. The story, which we told you about, ran for six months! Buyer has reviewed dozens of apartments in different areas of the city, in different homes. But he could not stay at their choice. The agency has been thought that this is just not mentally healthy people (those also apply to the agency). But in the end, he determined his choice of operating systems - more than any fancy apartment in the house is next door to the house of his childhood, where they still live close friends and acquaintances. Everything was so easy ... when it was over. Not to say that in this case, the buyer has lost some serious money. But if he once, as it should, digging a clearly defined purpose, the choice of an apartment would take him far less time and maybe in six months searching for, gone in vain, he was able to find a more comfortable apartment in the same neighborhood. Sometimes, especially in the case of family relocations in the choice of housing faced by different interests and preferences of the spouses. Realtors are well aware that in such cases often took the willful decision "head" of the family some time later recants intentions and chosen a different apartment.

On one such family "drama" we were told the agency "Blagovest". The couple chose a three-room apartment "desirable" in Darnitskomrayone. After watching the fourth agent, who led the deal, I realized that they did not choose an apartment ever since every time you view the wife found a "significant" flaws in every apartment. That kitchen was too small for her, then went out the window does not go to the right place, the stairs and the neighbors did not like. I do not argue that all these causes can be quite compelling. But when from time to time repeated the same story, you will agree, this raises some doubts about the reality of the above reasons. The more so that each time you view the first words her husband had been "well, we like the fit." But after a couple of days he call back and asked to see the next version. In the end, it was resolved to purchase the apartment ... Svyatoshinsky area, there lived a mother of his wife. And sometimes family priorities are built so poorly that the choice of a real apartment turns into a flour. Several identical stories we were told in different agencies. And they were all connected with the choice of "cozy" apartments. With his wife invested in this concept, do not know, and the agents themselves. But some apartment looked "cozy" and another, maybe better in all respects, does not fit this definition.

At the end of today's topic, I want to say again to select the most appropriate scheme oncoming. Do not get hung up on a particular area or type of apartment. First, you must still determine what is most important to you - clean air and environment, the proximity of the center, or access to transportation, the desire to live close to relatives or friends, or "a prestigious place." It is best to choose the right priorities for the family meeting where everyone puts points on several nonprofit settings. And after counting the amount of family credit and consideration of all views to make the choice much easier. Then, allocating preferences to the extent of their importance to you, you can begin to choose a specific apartment.

Viktor Kovalenko
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