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30.08.2010 12:26
Russian magazine Finans has estimated capital that can inherit the children of Russian rich men and made a rating of the heirs of billionaires of 2010.

"Cost" of the top ten heirs doubled to 66 billion dollars, it is estimated edition. The total amount of bequests beginning of a billion, up a quarter of a trillion dollars. Increased and the number of children of billionaires: last year there were 54, now - 85 people.

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The richest oligarchs children:

1. Yusuf Alekperov, was born in 1990. Father - Alekperov, owner of the largest stake and Lukoil's president, the conditional status - 10.65 billion dollars.

2. Son Alexei Kuzmicheva, co-owner of Alfa Group, the conditional state - 7.1 billion dollars.

3. Peter Deripaska, born in 2001. Father - Oleg Deripaska, owner of the holding, Basic Element, the conditional state - 6.9 billion dollars.

4. Marina Deripaska, born in 2003, the conditional state - 6.9 billion dollars.

5-7. Three children of Vladimir Lisin, owner of NLMK, the conditional status - 6270000000 dollars each.

8. Michelson, Victoria, was born in 1992, the daughter of Leonid Michelson, a shareholder of the gas company Novatek and Samara Pervobank, the conditional state - 5.9 billion dollars.

9. Son Sergei Popov, a shareholder SUEK conditional state - 5.2 billion dollars.

10. Gulnara Karimova, was born in 1990, the daughter of Suleiman Kerimov, owner of the fund Nafta Moskva, a conditional state - 4.83 billion dollars.

A list is headed by the son of the largest shareholder Lukoil Yusuf Alekperov - an only child and became sole heir. Second place went to Alexis Kuzmicheva son, also an only child. The state of his father, a major shareholder Alfa Group, for the year increased by more than two-fold - from 3.05 to 7.1 billion dollars.

The first line of the list back to your children, Oleg Deripaska. Last year, the state once Russia's wealthiest businessman, estimated at only 4.9 billion dollars. However, thanks to government support and the ability to "push for" creditors, Oleg Deripaska has kept its main asset UC Rusal.

Peter and Marina Deripaska moved from 13th on the 3-th place in the rankings after evaluation of his father's capital in 2010 reached 13.8 billion

The richest bride of the potential legacy of a 5.9 billion dollar remains Victoria Michelson, which this year celebrated 18 years of age.

Conditional status of three children of Vladimir Potanin is estimated at 3.32 billion dollars. However, their father is not going to provide the heirs of the hothouse conditions of existence. Said co-owner of Norilsk Nickel, his children receive an education and start-up capital, and then they will have it alone.

Roman Abramovich and Darya Zhukova last year was born the son of Aaron Alexander. Because of the appearance of the sixth child conditional status of children oligarch remained at last year's level: 2.83 billion, while capital's father grew by 20%.

First arrived in the ranking of kids friend, Vladimir Putin, Gennady Timchenko, the co-owner of oil trader Gunvor, the bank "Russia" and "Novatek". Back in 2008 a businessman who knew little and in the ranking of billionaires, he was absent. In 2009, the state of his father valued at 4.15 billion dollars, and on each of the three heirs had for 1.38 billion
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