The rich tend to the sea in search of cottage real estate

19.10.2010 11:07
Civilized cottage villages in the regions became too expensive for most buyers of moderate means, and the rich still prefer to settle independently.<br />In the regions, as in the Ukrainian capital, a few years ago the fashionable cottage villages with infrastructure. And developers are catching demand, began to massively build such facilities on the outskirts of major cities and resort centers. But lately, selling suburban homes plummeted, many projects have been frozen, and the average value of the square only in January of this year decreased by 14.3% to $ 960. Least of all from falling solvency of the citizens affected developers in the Crimea and Odessa, where real estate, despite its high price (the price exceeds the capital and may reach $ 10 thousand for the quarter. M), actively bought by Russians.<br /><br /><strong>The rich tend to the sea</strong><br />Least of all the consequences of the economic crisis affected the real estate developers, developing cottage projects in the resort. In Crimea, there are now 87 townships, of which 52 are in various stages of construction. Earlier, the house on the peninsula were built separately, but their owners often joined together to, for example, to guard quarters or resolve operational issues. Recently the same time, according to the head of Real Estate Agency "Market-Crimea" Andrew Zapevalova, there was a demand for civilized cottage towns, built in a single concept, the availability of infrastructure facilities. Approximately half of the homes in them, as we are assured local realtors, buying the citizens of neighboring Russia, still about 40% - the wealthy residents of Ukrainian cities (Kyiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk), the remainder being representatives of foreign countries and themselves Crimeans. The most demanded items on the South Coast: In areas of Yalta, Alushta, Alupka, Gurzuf Partenit and other settlements. The local best-known towns, which entered into service - "Livadia", "Wisteria" (Lower Oreanda), "Laguna", "Gurzufskiy Park (Gurzuf)," Spanish Village "(Alupka).<br />But the crisis has not bypassed the peninsula side. Now it suspended construction of 16 cottage communities, although at the beginning of the year, only six were frozen. Local real estate buyers prefer detached houses, townhouses but enjoy much less demand. And if the developers in Kiev, no longer relying on affluent customers, began to lower the cost of expensive projects, trimming area homes and refusing to infrastructure projects, then on the South Coast this trend is not noted. "The most popular, as before, are luxury cottages, located in recreational areas. Every home should be constructed on the individual project, required a large area and high quality finishing. There is also a demand for business-class towns, which are being built today in Nikita, Yalta, Evpatoria, near Sevastopol and Simferopol ", - says Mr. Zapevalov. It was the Crimean closed club "Black Sea", which is currently under construction sluggish investment and construction company Antal-Service (Kiev) on the territory of 11,5 hectares in the village Otradnoe near Yalta (in place of the former sanatorium "Black Sea") is the leader in price Ukraine - square meter there is $ 10 thousand, but this is the price at a substantial discount, which was originally the developers requested $ 19.5 thousand per square. It was assumed that such pricing can find applicants to reside in one of 12 cottages, which are invited to enjoy restaurants, entertainment centers, fitness room, clinic Welness-SPA, a private beach length 500 m, sports.<br />However, "Black Sea" is an exception to the rule. In general, the SCC due to topographic features (in the mountainous coastal terrain is practically no large sites suitable for construction) is characterized by small cottage towns, combine, usually no more than 10 homes. Competition they are boathouses (coastal facilities for repair and storage vessels) that are massively remodel in residential real estate. The advantage of such structures is not only close to the sea, but relatively low cost. Two-, three-story building sold for about $ 1 thousand for the quarter. m, while the average price in the ordinary cottages belonging to the towns of the peninsula, is $ 1.8 million (27% lower than at the beginning of the year). But the slipways are offered without plots, there are often difficulties with storage of vehicles and other inconveniences. Experts agree that now there are no preconditions to the rise in price of the Crimean estate. On the contrary, the owners of the least running campuses will be forced to continue to reduce prices.<br />In Odessa, erected in 1921 housing estate under construction are 36 more, the design - 19. As in the Crimea, on the local market the majority of buyers - visitors from near and far abroad. However, because of the crisis, demand for houses by the sea has fallen significantly and, according to the company "Real-Expo", the developers stopped work at 18 sites, among them "Brigantine" at the 13th station of Big Fountain in the city (26 cottages of from 244.6 to 322.5 square meters. m in an area of 5 hectares), "The Black Sea Riviera" (takes about 60 hectares near the Fontanka, near the road at the Nikolayev), "South Wind" (17 hectares in the village in the Black Sea Kominternovsky p -no). The minimum cost of houses in Odessa and surrounding towns is $ 500 per square. m ("Pearl" and "Alexander City"), the maximum - $ 2.6 thousand for the quarter. m (in the village elite class "Pine Beach" by Liska). The average price in the region - $ 1.1 per square. But, according to deputy director general of the local development company Gin Consulting Group Natalie Gunko, real estate developers to attract buyers, already reviewing their projects, trying to reduce the price. For example, switch from luxury homes on more fuel-efficient townhouses. Therefore, in a short time wanting to live near the sea will provide new, more democratic prices.<br /><br /><strong>The leader of the East</strong><br />In the eastern part of Ukraine, leader in the number of known cottage settlements is Kharkov. True, really being built there are only seven, four suspended, nine are in the planning stage, and put into operation only four. Civilized towns here have appeared not so long as the local population prefers to build individual houses on vacant lots where there is a good choice not only in the region, but in the Kharkov. "The city has traditionally there are very extensive areas of private building - Shatilovka, Sokolniki, Bald Mountain, Zhuravlevka, prefers to live where the local elite, but the infrastructure there is practically no" - the director of the Kharkov consulting company, Pro Consul Victoria Karatanova. Local developers, despite the absence of deficits in the region of land, tend to Townhouse - they are provided in 18 towns. Realtors say that the minimum area townhouse is 148 square meters. m (in the village for entry Lazkovskomu), and maximum - 330 square meters. m (st. acacia in Kharkov). The area of the smallest detached cottage - 99 square meters. m ("Green Coast").<br />Transactions on the local market at the moment is almost absent, despite the fact that the cost of the proposed houses compared with the fall of 2009 decreased by 30-50%. In particular, if in the last year for 1 square. m in most of erecting and announced cottage townships requested $ 1,3-2,5 thousand, but now you can also find less than $ 1 thousand square minimum cost in the region of $ 500 (in the cottage, located in sec. Siryaki Dergachi district) , maximum - $ 2,1 thousand in the elite village "Pine Beach" (Khotomlya). Nevertheless, this year it was announced the construction of four new facilities. According to Ms. Karatanovoy, cottage projects are now developing on the territory adjacent to the ring road (town relatives, Florinka, Tsirkunov, etc.). For example, in Tsirkunov on an area of 40 hectares is planned to build the town, including 300 homes. In addition, cottage development will appear in the structure of the residential districts of Kharkov, in the streets of Balakirev, and fun.<br /><br /><strong>Industrialists do not want civilized settlements</strong><br />In Donetsk, where the lack of paying customers and free from land development, construction of cottages is developing is not too active. The region has 15 towns, which handed out seven, while the rest are under construction (five) and projected (three). Local communities that have the means to individual housing, as well as Kharkov, prefers to build his own.<br />Although the cottage villages in the Donetsk region is small, yet not frozen, none of them. The average cost of a square in the township was $ 938. The highest prices in the ready-made, but still not completely sold campuses ("Golden Sands", "Old Castle" and "Breeze"), - $ 1,2 thousand square meters. m, the minimum cost of housing in the area - $ 490 per square. m in the cottage "Zlatograd (Sviatohirsk). So loyal to the price due to the fact that civilized towns in one of the richest regions of the country is simply not in demand.<br />The Dnipropetrovsk and cold are cottage townships, thence, developers tend to be large-scale construction projects. In the region the largest project in Ukraine: in the suburban village of Jubilee in the area of 260 ha provided for the erection of more than a thousand houses, 350 apartments in high-rise and residential complex "Olympic" on 1,5 thousand apartments, as well as about 100 objects social, engineering and commercial infrastructure. However, now works in the "Golden Key" suspended, as in five more cities (73% of all construction). Some movement is observed only in a "Shishkin (suburban recreation center with the possibility of year-round), which the company" Growth Development "promises to deliver at the end of next year, although the 68 houses sold more than 30%, and" Barve. " Desperate builders are ready to change to another real estate cottages and even building materials. Nevertheless, this year have been announced three new projects. The average price of houses in Dnepropetrovsk is $ 1067, townhouse - $ 1,3 thousand Cheapest homeownership for $ 570 in the town of "Pine Beach" at the Kirov, the most expensive - at $ 1,5 thousand - in the "Silver forest".<br /><em>Love Osipova<br />Business Capital </em><br />
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