The revolutionary construction bill adopted as a basis in the first reading

26.12.2010 15:35
The Supreme Soviet of Ukraine adopted the first reading of draft law "About regulyuvannya mіstobudіvnoї dіyalnostі.<br /><br />This bill was developed at the initiative of Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko together Minregionbudom, market specialists, leading international and Ukrainian organizations, as well as the Ukrainian Construction Association (UCA).<br /><br />Chapter UBA Lion Partskhaladze both reacted to the decision of the parliament: "Builders are very pleased that this bill was backed by Parliament in first reading. For us to continue to be suggestions and recommendations for improving this bill, and UBA plans to soon in the working groups in the parliamentary appropriate committee to refine the bill taking into account the suggestions of the market and parliamentarians. "<br /><br />Profile Committee of the Supreme Council, also participated in drafting the bill. Deputy Head of the Committee on Construction, Urban Development and Housing and Communal Services and Regional Policy, Igor Lysov addressed the deputies with a proposal to support this law and in particular, said: "This is a very important bill, it must be supported. The current terms of construction, acquisition and approval of documentation does not give the industry evolve. With the adoption of new approaches and the law the industry will develop rapidly and significantly strengthen the investment climate. "<br /><br />Builders of Ukrainian cities also support this law.<br /><br />"We know how even the most impossible conditions to implement projects, build affordable and comfortable housing for people. And with the passage of this law, we will concentrate on the more correct and efficient construction technologies, can quickly attract investment to build more, and at very affordable prices for Ukrainians. We are very grateful to the Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko and UBA for initiating and developing this industry needs a document "- said Sergey CAFTA, the leading developer of cherry.<br /><br />In the near future in conjunction with UCA Working Group Vice-Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko, the profile committee of the parliament, and market specialists will conduct further consultation on the collection of proposals to improve this bill, to all substantive comments and suggestions were made to the bill a second reading and adoption this groundbreaking for the construction market of the Act.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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