The resumption of the construction boom in Sevastopol

09.11.2010 17:41
The resumption of the construction boom in Sevastopol In the second half of 2010 in Sebastopol were unfrozen virtually all of the old construction site stopped in 2009 the city returned to the capital to complete construction projects. This opinion was expressed by the Director of Marketing and Sales Company "Sevastopolstroy Gennady Rudakov.

According to him, the reason for the resumption of the construction boom in Sevastopol was the highest in the investment attractiveness of Ukraine for the developers - in the course of 2010 it is a constant effective demand for housing economy class. So, in a cheap neighborhood "Sun City", where each quarter shall be on a 10-storey building, one-room apartments are fully sold on the stage of foundation. Constant demand provide sailors long voyage, as well as non-resident wishing to have affordable housing near the sea.

At the same time, the return of property developers in the city, according to Mr. Rudakov, led to a sharp intensification of competition in the market economy-class housing. According to experts, the first time last year sentence exceeded the demand.

"Today the winner is the one who builds faster and better, - said Gennady Rudakov. - And to compete in the market of Sebastopol can only large construction companies with significant resources and production base. " In addition, according to Gennady Rudakov, in the current environment to developers with single projects became difficult to compete with companies carrying out large-scale construction of residential complex and neighborhoods. This is due to greater confidence on the part of consumers to companies that were building during the crisis and in time passed objects in large quantities.

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