The reserve is near Odessa oligarchs are building cottage village

12.10.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate | The reserve is near Odessa oligarchs are building cottage village This work is the company "Glavstroy" corporatized former rybkolhoz "Red Pridnestrovets." Glavstroy disfigured floodplain meadow protected lands, erecting a monster - a gated complex "boat station" - wrote on his Facebook page ecologist, Sc.D., professor of Odessa National University. Mechnikov Ivan Roussev. "Glavstroy is actively working as a contractor in the reserved tract" Dniester marshes, "erecting cottage village for the oligarchs. Glavstroy illegally built houses and cottages on the left bank of the Dniester River, below the fork Dniester Deep Turunchuk. Glavstroy, aktsioniruya rybkolhoz with ponds that have more than 500 hectares of illegally picked up and the entire coastal zone of the Dniester length of about 10 km. Captured and there is no tolerance for anyone that beautiful part of the river. But here historically residents Lighthouse, starting with the founding of the settlement (1421), grazed cattle, mowed hay, rested. Now, contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine, they seized the opportunity.

Illegal work of the dragline, owned by "Glavstroy" destroyed indigenous bank of the Dniester, erecting dams and harbor-pier, where, as a rule, a handful of poachers, a business of on the Dniester estuary and within the boundaries of the national park.

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Such bays, berths in this area for several. These illegal acts on the construction of a new bay and the mountains of silt visible from everywhere and very well seen standing - right from the middle of the bridge mayakskogo. But, you see, there are rarely inspection services and environmental prosecutor's office. Although, despite the fact that these statesmen were often on the unlawful seizure of protected floodplain meadows for houses in the Lower Dniester National Park, anyway after they leave the situation did not improve, but rather construction increased their power. "
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