The rent of real estate in 2016 will grow

19.01.2016 00:45
Articles about real estate | The rent of real estate in 2016 will grow With the introduction of the new tax law and the constant increase in utility tariffs, experts predict a rise in prices for the rental of facilities for trade, business centers and housing.  On what factors affect the rental market, GolosUA said analyst consulting company SV Development Sergey Kostecki.

- Sergey, what is now the situation in the market of office and retail?

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Everything goes to the fact that the price of rent for office and retail real estate will grow. First of all, this is due to the introduction of the new tax law. If earlier to commercial real estate taxes are not paid, from the January 1, 2016 they will have to pay, there are no benefits no. All the shopping centers, business centers and other facilities will be paid for the total area - for himself and for the corridors and basements that are available in the building.

- As far as the price increase rent?

As for commercial real estate in Kiev, it is 3% of the minimum wage. The fact that the minimum wage is constantly growing, plus the constant rates will rise - by now there is a tax base rate, but there is no guarantee that it will not rise.

In addition, it is growing every billing for electricity, heating and other components, it is clear that all this automatically enters and falls on the shoulders of tenants. As practice shows, the owners of large office and shopping centers are losing their profitability because if you start to increase the rental rate, respectively, the tenants will leave.

Here options - either landlords will raise the price of rent, or just take the square will be at a loss. Note that the profitability of the owners of office and retail property so very small. By the way, higher prices for rent also applies to residential real estate.

- It turns out that the incomes of landlords will continue to decline ...

Of course, revenues declined landlords will continue to decline. I do not see absolutely no prerequisites for them to grow. The dollar, in any case will grow significantly or slightly. Even within the planned inflation rate of 12%.

- What happens to the new buildings and commercial real estate office?

In 2015 it was built very few objects of office and retail real estate. The price of construction of shopping and business centers is quite high. Compared with previous years, the number of commissioned facilities commercial and office real estate was minimal.

Of course, to finish building objects that were started under Yanukovich, and that only in Kiev million square meters - no one will. The bulk of them frozen. Finish building literally unit 2 thousand sq. M in Kiev.

The market rent of office and retail real estate is absolutely unstable. Visually, this is not visible, but the tenants are constantly changing area, they do not receive the necessary income to pay the rent of the room. Tenants are totally dependent on the buyer. And purchasing power, as we know, is constantly decreasing. Renters can not pay the agreed rent - they either have to close its network, or to ask them to lower the rent.

- In Kiev noticeable that many shops are closed ...

Absolutely. Look at even the same markets - Petrovka Troieschyna. If before they were mega, now there is half the seats are free. This suggests that, given the decrease in the purchasing power of people and the crisis tenants, sale also comes in a decline. And it is important to understand one thing to build and lease of commercial and office real estate is necessary when it is profitable. We have the same impact on the devaluation of the dollar throughout. And the constantly growing costs of goods and services.

- Sergey, what is the situation we have with the rental of residential real estate?

Reduced rents for housing will not - that's a fact. With regard to the tariff increase in 2015 by 15-20%, in this regard, absolutely all landlords have raised the cost of renting apartments. It is also associated with the dollar and the increase in tariffs.

Personally, my opinion - in 2016 some global shocks rental prices of residential real estate will not be. Naturally, if, relatively speaking, the dollar will not be 50 UAH. However, even if the dollar will grow significantly, the transactions will be less. Now their number falls. The proposal far exceeds the demand. At one customer currently accounts for more than 40 apartments. It is a fact.

Choosing simply colossal. Landlords have put such value where bargaining is almost irrelevant, and hope that they at least call. People are now against the backdrop of increasing utility tariffs - heating, gas, electricity - are the high cost, so the trend in the rental market - it is the tenants moving from larger to smaller apartments. From the bedroom - in two- and one-bedroom.

- What is the current price range of rental apartments in Kiev?

Maximal prices for rental apartments in the capital, it is difficult to say, because there is no limit to perfection. The minimum price in Kiev more or less modest "odnushechku" in quite a state of the killed on urovnet 3.5-4 thousand. UAH is, of course, the price is lower, but there is quite bad.

Maximal prices for rental apartments even speak properly. For example, the center, the whole floor will be, figuratively speaking, 20 thousand. Dollars. Luxury real estate and exposed, but it generally can not be removed. She's not popular, because of our background lustration immediately say that such a tenant should immediately lyustrirovat. Now the purchase of real estate or business property is very, very rare. It's just a unique case. In principle, the rich people who are afraid of nothing, have everything and do not need to buy.

- In the past, I remember the foreigners prefer to rent an apartment in the center?

Now this is not. Foreigners - people are smart and very economical. They do not remove the expensive mansions. They prefer the modest accommodation at a reasonable price. It is only us - the more gold, the more abruptly. And foreigners - even presidents of international companies - rented apartments are usually normal.

- What are the main factors in your opinion, affect the real estate market?

There are lots of factors that negatively affect the real estate market. I do not see any positive factors that would say that the number of input areas will grow, the occupancy rate of shopping centers will continue to grow. There are a lot of negative factors and no positive.

And this applies not only to commercial real estate, but business centers. When we go to Europe - is one thing, but another thing - this is what all of us out of business elite of international companies, many offices are closed. This office class "A" and "B" - there were mostly "foreign affairs" or our domestic companies. Even if you look at our oligarchs - all except Poroshenko, revenues declined. They cut staff, and so on. D. This directly affects the property that becomes vacant, reduced in price, etc.

- This negative trend is likely to continue this year?

Of course. New taxes and transfer rates in 2016 the first fully. This directly applies to both the construction and lease of real estate. It is obvious that almost all the retailers just leave the shopping centers and all of Ukraine. Come one. If before the year 100 retailers could enter the country, but now only 10-20.

- Will the once on the real estate market that Ukraine from January 1, entered into a free trade zone Europe?

Given that a free trade zone with Russia, left, and Ukraine has a lot of Russian goods, see how it will appear on the cost of goods. Regarding the FTA with Europe, it seems to me that there will be such a situation as a visa-free regime. In fact it seems to work, but ... You have to understand that the same Europe, the bulk of goods from China. Why do we directly from the PRC did not deliver the goods? Why should we import from Europe Chinese goods, if you look? ..
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