The real estate market returns demand

06.03.2011 18:51
In the corporate lending segment in the fourth quarter of last year continued moderate growth in demand for credit. Increased demand for business loans have noted 45% of respondent banks that participated in the traditional survey of the National Bank.

The study "Status and forecast parameters of the credit market," notes that the main demand of corporate business is presented to loans in national currency. Analysts NLRK explain this priority reluctance of banks' clients to increase their foreign exchange risk, as well as stricter conditions for banks lending in foreign currency due to the increasing demands of the regulator. As noted in the January survey of the National Bank, in the first quarter, 79% of respondent banks intend to hold the previous credit policy, 12% plan to tighten policy, and only 9% expect a slight softening of her.

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In the segment of retail lending growth trend in demand persisted, although the rate declined slightly. In the past quarter, about 30% of respondent banks reported an increase in demand for mortgages and 43% reported an increase in demand for consumer loans. But the vast majority of banks implies in the current quarter to preserve the old prudent credit policy.

Banks also forecast a slow recovery of the real estate market, linking it with the stability of the main indicators of economic growth. According to estimates of financiers for the implementation of pent-up demand of the population will influence the further stabilization of commodity prices, rising incomes, increasing the number of players in the mortgage market. Return of the demand, in turn, will affect the growth in property prices.
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