The real estate market is living in an information vacuum

27.03.2011 11:56
Articles about real estate | The real estate market is living in an information vacuum The real estate market can not operate transparently because of restrictions on rights of access to data of the Bureau of Technical Inventory of the number of reported acts of ownership.

Told LigaBusinessInform said in an interview with a specialist all-Ukrainian association BTI Dmitry Pavlenko.

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Now the data on the number of associations registered with acts of ownership is a mystery. Such are the demands, "the Information". "These contract terms were imposed by the BTI, and they are virtually enslaving, - the expert speaks of the association. - We do not have the right to give information from the Ukrainian registry of property rights to anyone except the owners, successors and authorized persons, as well as the only clearly defined authorities and all."

However, if such information was available, the housing market run more transparently. D. Pavlenko said that he was in favor of public access to the registry so that any person could get concise information on the object. "But, many do not want to, because not all profitable publicly disclose information about their property," - he said.
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