The real estate market began the era of large residential complexes

20.10.2010 07:25
Articles about real estate | The real estate market began the era of large residential complexes On the Ukrainian real estate market most in demand apartment in large residential complexes.

Large residential complexes, the area of the order of 300 thousand square meters. and more successful today because of a number of reasons. Firstly, if you put the first phase of the complex, then for buyers is the evidence that will be completed and the second, third, etc. queue. A plus for buyers of apartments in such objects is also their well-developed infrastructure, availability of yard area, parking, create their own environment.

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The problem with most objects in Kiev - the lack of proper environment and infrastructure. Whatever the quality was not the object, its environment has a negative impact on the overall description of the house.

As for the cost of projects for developers of residential complexes, such facilities require larger investments than "single" at home due to their scale, but that's the cost of implementing the second and subsequent phase of the complex is much cheaper than detached houses. During the construction of these bursts do not need to conduct additional studies of soil, the reconstruction of communications and utilities, since these works were made during the construction of the first stage. Also do not need "from scratch" to organize the construction site, because it can be moved from the first stage. In this case, the sale of apartments in the second phase of the complex does not need substantial costs for advertising, branding, because the market has already created image, which was founded in the sale of apartments in the first phase of the complex.

With regard to placement of the LC then in Kiev today there is a shortage of land, so these objects will appear in the sleeping areas and on former industrial sites.

According to industry analysts AM "Archimatika" today in Kiev, the order of 8 residential buildings with a total area of 300 thousand square meters. m, the cost of apartments ranging in size from 11,870 UAH for 1 sq. km. am to 17 thousand UAH for 1 sq. km. m
Alexander Popov, Archimatika
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