The prosecutor's office checks the legality of the Kiev region alienation of land around the Blue Lake

18.03.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate | The prosecutor The prosecutor's office of Kyiv region began a comprehensive review of the legality of alienation of land along the Blue Lake in with. Pidgirci Obukhov district - a popular summer holiday Kiev. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor of Kyiv region.

By inspecting the specialists involved Gosselhozinspektsii , State Environmental Inspectorate , Internal Revenue Service, as well as law enforcement agencies - the Interior Ministry and SBU.

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It is now established that the chairman Obukhovskoy raygosadminstratsii in November 2008 passed 4 citizens land 0.12 hectares for gardening without complying with the legislation borders coastal shelterbelts .

During inspection it is determined whether the requirements of the legislation under which the coastal area of common use shall be at least 100 meters, and not whether a situation where land is partially superimposed on the water surface of the lake.

Prosecutors also check not violated any legal rights of citizens to use state property , that is, whether the territorial community free access to the Blue Lake .

If detected by the audit violations , prosecutors will go to court with claims for annulment Obukhovskoy RGA and return these sites in public ownership , as well as to bring the coastal strip to the previous state .
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