The program «Affordable Housing» will have no impact on the market

16.12.2010 13:48
Articles about real estate | The program «Affordable Housing» will have no impact on the market Significantly affect the program "Affordable Housing" to not be able to, despite the fact that the homes will finish building (this applies only to housing economy class), said in an interview Olesya Romanenko, head of marketing and sales Ukrainian Development Partners.

According to her, this program is already operating in the capital, but people who can use it unable to pay 70% of the purchase price (the remaining 30% paid by the city) because it works in such areas, where wages can not pay for 7 ths for the quarter. m

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"However, the significant advantage of this program is that the houses will be built and thawed, and hence the construction sector will work. And building a house - it is new jobs, wages and taxes for the people of the state ", - said Oleg Romanenko, reports

Note that the maximum selling price of "affordable" housing is 7.99 UAH per square. m
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