The program «Affordable Housing» is available 18.5 thousand apartments

13.12.2012 00:45
Articles about real estate | The program «Affordable Housing» is available 18.5 thousand apartments In October this year, the number of citizens who choose their housing problem, with the support of the state, exceeded 3 thousand And as of November 11, the number of those who have taken advantage of government housing programs, increased another thousand families and single people, the press service of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine.

Currently signed 818 contracts for the construction of affordable housing on the terms of payment by the state 30% of its value, granted 279 loans under the program of the youth housing loans and 813 soft loans to individual rural developers.

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State Mortgage Institution funded in 1033 to provide credit. Given the performance of the program cheaper mortgages together all housing programs financed the purchase by citizens 4009 apartments.

Cheapening of the mortgage, which implements the Regional Development in the framework of the social initiative of the President of Ukraine, shows the highest growth rate among all public housing programs.

To date for the program recorded 403 housing units (18,446 apartments). In general, Ukraine 17.7 thousand citizens have expressed a desire to receive reduced-price mortgages. As part of the agreements signed in 1066 and 1066 funded loans totaling 246.5 mln. Of them in Kiev - 213 loans totaling $ 71.2 million USD, 79 credits in Sumy (at $ 13.4 mln.), 72 credits in Vinnitsa (worth 14.7 million USD) and 72 credits in the Kharkiv region in the amount of 14.5 million USD.

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