The procedure for allotment zemuchastkov in Ukraine will be a one-step

26.09.2011 17:15
Articles about real estate | The procedure for allotment zemuchastkov in Ukraine will be a one-step In Ukraine, the two-step procedure for allotment of land plots may be replaced by a one-step, the press service of the State Committee of Ukraine on Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship.

Implementation of the law on the regulation of urban development is delayed due to the long procedure for allotment of land. Such an agreement reached at the meeting held on Wednesday in the Cabinet.

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"Goskomzem was drafted a bill that is already in BP, which reduces this procedure to 60 days. However, this reduction procedure was artificially by reducing the period of examination papers. The procedure itself is not made easier ", - said chairman of the liquidation commission of the State Committee Galina Yatsishin.

"Therefore, we initiated several meetings and submitted proposals to solve this problem. Active participation in the Confederacy took builders of Ukraine, which is always a lot of suggestions from participants in the construction market. The Association proposed a new bill that does not reduce the time automatically, and completely changes the structure of land allocation, "- explained Yatsishin.

The main thesis of this bill - a replacement for two-step procedure for allotment of land in one step. If you now need to obtain permission to collect agreements on the location of the object (first stage), to approve the documentation (second stage) and only directly receive site, according to the bill, the first stage will be canceled. But the planning documentation, which includes a draft zoning would be sufficient for the site. But the collection of preliminary approvals for the placement of the object (first stage) on the basis of urban planning documents, according to the government's Commissioner for deregulation of economic activities, Mikhail Brodsky, should be carried out by order of the city mayor: "There have been suggestions that the decision tolzhen accept the executive committee of the City Council. However, in the opinion of our committee, executive committee - is a collegiate body, which shall not be liable. Instead, the City Mayor will be held personally responsible for your own signature in case of violation of law. "

A bill designed Confederation of Builders of Ukraine, will soon be posted on the website of the State Committee for discussion and proposals.

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