The price of land, or how I bought the plot

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Articles about real estate | The price of land, or how I bought the plot The foreman of our reconnaissance Senior Warrant Officer Lentz was fond of saying that this man is obligated to serve in the army, to visit the accident and build their own home with fireplace. With classic "life" responsibilities Men: "Son-house-tree similarity is only in one thing - their own home.

You can give birth and raise daughters rather than sons, to do any good deeds, and not just plant trees to make all sorts of courageous actions (military, auto racing, etc.), but here are from the construction of his house this man can not escape.

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Thoughts of his house, a fireplace and a philosopher-sergeant came to me in December without purpose. According to psychologists, December - this one month in which the people especially want to make a major purchase, look pretty thirsty to invest the accumulated savings for the year. But what happens when the apartment is, the machine is, the TV hangs on the wall and abroad have visited a couple of months ago, but December is still pushing hard to invest the available funds?

The trend of recent years - low-rise construction, relocation of an urban apartment in their own home. What do I need this man? Purchase of land for future home construction, and that still had the area under the bath, garage, barbecue area and a dozen fruit trees.

To do this, first of all to acquire ownership of land. Money from a correspondent were pre-Christmas subconscious desire to spend them as clearly as possible there. It was decided to buy the land, and describe the process of acquiring the site.

And since the money you spend to be serious, then the reporter's reality show "buy land" needed a competent expert. To own a single ruble in vain not to spend and the reader to explain each step from the standpoint of a professional. The role itself was made by CEO Dan-Invest "Valentin Korytnyi, a man thoroughly familiar with local real estate market, many of Chelyabinsk helped acquire coveted land holdings.

Tips from the Dan-Invest "

There are several things that determine the price of land. First - identify the areas where you want to build your future home, and, hence, will be looking for suitable land. Factor is the distance from the city most affected by the land value. 10 acres, for example, in the village of AMZ is actually in the city, will be much more expensive than the same area, but situated in 15 minutes from the post of GAI. You more like a country version?

You dream to escape from the stifling and bustling metropolis of nature? But his answer to the question - are you ready every day, spend considerable time behind the wheel of a car, Taking the kids to school and getting to work. The shorter will be the path from home to school where your children, the more will it cost the earth under the future construction of homes. There are other components of the price.


From the place I was determined, realizing he was not prepared to spend more than 15 minutes to take back the morning my daughter to school. Therefore, the option to buy land in the village Sargazy (15 minutes from the post of GAI) was dropped by itself. It was decided to buy a put as close to the city, it is desirable, just on the outskirts of Chelyabinsk. It came into effect is another factor, which warned me director Dan-Invest "- the place of status and the surrounding infrastructure.

Do not like venturing low-rise construction elsewhere in the village of Airport or Kolupaevke, although the announcement of the sale of land in those places I've ever met regularly. But the idea of his wife buy a plot in the village of AMZ I liked: the environmentally clean area - chimney there is almost no plus close Shershnevskoe reservoir, have normal shops, close to downtown, walking bus, in the end.

- Valentin, what should I do? Sit on the internet, looking for suitable to me for sale, most go to meetings, watch and bargain ... or trust the search for the appropriate version of the realtors?

- An independent search of land is cheaper, they use 80 percent of those who want to buy a plot. But for very busy people and have the possibility of buying through a realtor. Maximally detailed description of the professional about their wishes to acquire land and the realtor will bring you the option of choice. But in the future deal his fee will be not less than 3-5 percent of the land. If you are willing to pay the mediator similar remuneration, then contact us. Naturally, the fee for the service mediation of agency can negotiate on an individual basis

- OK. How to choose a realtor?

- Look for the agency, which has experience of transactions it with land agency with the name of "proven in the market. Reputation and wide popularity - are factors that do not allow realtor agency to treat its customer disdain. Most often, people turn to a professional about his work received good recommendations from friends. Also, citizens prefer agencies with large amounts of advertising, with the advertised brand. Like, such well-known "scam" should not.

Advice from Dan-Invest "

Involved in the transaction realtor gives greater guarantee of security of the transaction. A good realtor agency - is the experience and legal literacy specialists do not miss the little things when you make a transaction, will help hold it as clearly and legally. On security does not need to save!

The head of the Dan-Invest "

Valentin Korytnyi

Nevertheless, by five percent cheat, I was not prepared and immersed himself in the ads on Valentin told me that the small probability of a move to enter the land owner who posted on the website ad to sell, rather, I'll deal with the mediator. And so it happened, in nine cases out of ten on my phone call answered realtor of a real estate agency, and he also appointed me to meet. Ride to the bride of land for my future home had to be pretty.

"If you have an appointment and you are satisfied with the location and area of land being sold, you should already be in place to determine the two things on which will depend largely on the value of land - the director of" Dan-Invest. - It is the willingness of documents and availability of communication (or the ability to connect networks).

Arriving at the rendezvous point with a realtor, I first sought the curved lines look natural gas pipes and electrical wires are black lines. Gas needed to heat the future home light - for the early start of construction. I'm awfully like one uchastochek, literally on the banks of the Hornets, but I realized: to stretch the electricity here, I will need to pay for the installation of a minimum of five pillars. Expensive ...

Water bothered me less, drilling their own wells now solves all problems with water supply. With sanitation, too, there are many technologies waste removal. At one point, and a gas pipe on a nearby street, wound, and a telegraph pole standing right next to - pay "Gorsvet" and connects, but my site was not in the ownership and long-term lease. In fact, specialists in real estate matters not see this as okay, but I basically wanted to find land with a ready "Zelenkov. We seek a ...


Delving into advertisements for the sale of land, I always come across ads suburban settlements. And I caught myself thinking: "Maybe, well, the hell, this village AMZ!". Well ... the bus, well ... Aristov next door. But here at home crammed so disorderly and ugly. But would settle in some brand new Blagovidova or Berry ... Well, let him not go to the center 15 minutes and half an hour. But around a single infrastructure, high level of general planning, protected area, the land is clean, no shed you do not have to endure, the gas-light is again close.

"When choosing to build a house in the suburban village, you need to think again - smiles Valentin Korytnyi. - Are you ready for the next ten years to live on site? After all, if only populated village, the houses in it, respectively, around your site will be is still under construction. If the settlement is almost ready, and the land there will be much more expensive. "

No, I hate noise bulldozer or squeal, "Bulgarian" I can if I know that it is built my house. But with the neighbor's construction site next to live 10 years is not desirable. After all, for me the purchase of land - is not just long-term investment, but also the desire of 3-4 years to implement the move to his house. And live it like immediately with maximum comfort.

After two weeks of continuous monitoring of online ads and regular visits to inspect the site ready for sale I decided to call the property on which pecked at the beginning of the search. 10.5 weave, the documents are ready, no buildings, all utilities nearby.

But the price bite ... Fortunately, the meeting realtor let slip that her clients are very willing to sell the land and the proceeds from the transaction the money they need to buy an apartment beloved son. And I decided to play a game of psychology. December - a month of major purchases - came, and the owners of land even more eager to buy an apartment, but for this they need to sell the land. What about discounts?

My suggestion is that I am ready to bring the money tomorrow, but I ask the initial cost to reset the 200 thousand rubles reeltor met quite grim. Thrown into the phone: "I will speak with their clients." But the next day phoned and informed consent of the owners required to give a discount. I figured it's true - the end of the year!

To learn how to place our trade on which documents should pay attention to how to behave in the calculation, and what to do first, when the land is acquired the property, read in one of the following updates category.
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