The poor rich: elite new economy-more often meet the standards

14.08.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | The poor rich: elite new economy-more often meet the standards Most Ukrainian newly premium actually are not. In the next 10 years the situation has not changed: due to the shortage in the market, even this house enjoys enormous demand. Residents of one of the capital of homes is not the first month are suing to your zhekom. Occasions weight - leaking ceilings, poorly performing communications, but regularly come account for alleged services rendered. Case is fairly typical, if not for one thing: this is not about lost in a residential area hruschevke, but of the elite house in the city center on the street Zhylianska. But the initiative group of tenants includes not poor pensioners and businessmen and officials.

But this is not all defects for which the tenants complain. - adds a neighbor Ludmila Artur Bilous, Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the third convocation. In addition, the developer has imposed tenants operating companies, which, according to Artur Bilous, set unreasonably high fees $ 6 per square meter. m not giving nothing in return except the inconvenience. - outraged former MP.
All moves are written

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What is housing assigned to the elite, and how - to economy class, described in detail the Ukrainian Construction Association (UCA) has in 2006 developed by the classifier of all new buildings are divided into five categories: social housing, economy, business, premium and deluxe. To determine the class of housing developers have used more than 100 parameters, which are divided into seven main criteria: location, construction and technical characteristics, accomplishment of adjoining territory, social infrastructure, materials and equipment, technical infrastructure, governance and operation.

But even members of the UCA does not deny the fact that money handed over housing is often not the declared class. Anatoly Denisenko. And according to Mary Kozak, chief marketing analytics company , engaged in the research of the construction market, according to foreign classification of almost all the Ukrainian new buildings do not meet even the business class.

Outside the zone

Anatoly Denisenko sure: as long as the classifier UCA does not give official status or not to allow the Association shall deprive offenders of licenses to make the order would be difficult. But to give official status of the classifier, for a start developers would have to resolve disputes occasionally arise over the document.

Vladimir Herman. Indeed, many companies believe that the accommodation of the highest class can be built on the outskirts of the city, not just in the historical center, as required by the classifier.
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