The owner on the Dnieper islands awaiting verification

01.03.2014 00:15
Articles about real estate | The owner on the Dnieper islands awaiting verification Kiev interdistrict environmental prosecutor's office accuses inactivity institutions which should follow the development of land of water fund. " Checks revealed numerous violations of the law in the planning of the State Inspectorate of Agriculture , the lack of systematic monitoring and issuance of instructions . In addition , not always the perpetrators brought to justice , "- said and . about . Kiev interdistrict environmental prosecutor Yegor Chiksheev .

Donated and inspection Architectural , whose employees accused of registration of the declaration of a private entrepreneur preparedness to operate on a fake contract to lease the land allotment. Thus, it was legalized nonresidential capital structure on an island in the Venetian capital Gidropark , part of the landscape park " Dnipro island ."

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Now this investigation is underway .

"Illegal construction leads to the shores of an artificial narrowing and silting of river bed of the Dnieper, the destruction of riparian areas ," - said Chiksheev , adding that mass checks on the banks of the Dnieper River will continue. Earlier it was reported that buildings parkway will understand parliamentary commission .
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