The overall forecast for Ukraine for 2011

18.12.2010 16:01
In the forecast, this center of "Astrology for 2010 (Larissa Astropsychology Gres), it was assumed that the emergence of a new president is hardly any which will not change, and that is unlikely to be found out of this situation, and that are likely to be ill-conceived political transformation and economic nature, which does not yield results. Also, Larissa Gres indicated that in terms of astrology, to rely on financial stabilization in 2010, it is not necessary and that the resolution of pressing problems is likely to lead to greater crisis, not only in politics but also in the economy. This prediction was filled almost completely, nothing this year has not changed, remained the same aggravation of intra-contradictions, plus economic problems. Therefore, for Ukraine in 2011 is a continuation of 2010.

2011 - year of activity transsaturnovyh planets and the mid-cycle of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, the year of growing activity on the Earth, the reference point which can be considered an occurrence of Uranus in the sign of Aries, ie, March 13, 2011. During this period the person is full of strength and energy, but active efforts should be cautious as to cope with this kind of energy of a heavy and difficult, it is not known to man, and bad them controllable. Therefore, in this period should refrain from any statements, adverse events, rallies, strikes, etc.

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Winter 2011 - the period of possible rise of social problems and unrest.

Based on a series of astrological figures suggests that in 2011, sharply devalue the currency. Likelihood of this scenario is possible from December 2010 to February 25, 2011, the most unpredictable date 29-30 December 2010.

However, it is likely that it is the month of February - during a major miscalculation in terms of critical situations in the world economy and politics.

It is possible that during March, April and June are the months - a period when politics and economics, both in Ukraine and many other countries around the world will undergo significant difficulties. The entry of Uranus, and within 10 days, and Mars to 0 grams. Aries, can be characterized as a crisis period and at the same time as a period of great opportunity. This is one of the most powerful periods when significant changes are possible on a global level.

Presumably, the period from April to mid-July can be considered as a kind of critical period, the period of conflict. As well as a period requiring great caution in business and politics. Costs are too high, errors and failures can be devastating and lead to unpredictable results.

From June to September - a period expected significant changes in the government. During the year it is likely sharp increase in patriotic sentiment in society, in the wake of which many of the political wing of the national forces are more and more likely to oppose the government, which eventually could lead to revolutionary sentiments. Is this correct? - From any point of view: "No". Revolution is almost never will allow urgent situations, no matter how valid they are. Occurrence of Neptune in the sign of Pisces in the summer solstice at 0 grams. Cancer, can characterize the action taken at this time, as quite a significant character for the political leaders of the state. (Neptune in opposition to the Sun, Ukraine). Chances are good that within a year will periodically be situations small "Maidan".

Just have to say that the whole 2011 is a difficult period of heightened tension, which will not only be maintained for a year, but grow up before November. Most likely this time of unrest and discontent, so it is quite possible that there is a particular need to remain vigilant with respect to increasing emotional activity.

Naturally, the 2011 is not an easy year, and each person must be mentally and emotionally prepared for the fact that life in the next two years will not improve. To be ready for this, we can without disrupting their usual rhythm of life, to move in the right direction.
Astrologer Karabutova Katerina
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