The opposition demands to abolish the law on land demarcation

30.06.2012 14:00
Articles about real estate | The opposition demands to abolish the law on land demarcation Opposition factions of the Verkhovna Rada - "Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense" and "BYT-Fatherland" - demanded to cancel the law on land demarcation of state and communal property. "Today, we turn to the President. Law of anti-state, anti-Ukrainian, because nobody knows what reaches him. He is corrupt and criminal in nature, "- said the MP (fraction" BYT-Fatherland "), Ivan Kirilenko from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada, reading out a statement of opposition factions.

"We want to note it in full as a deviant act" - added I.Kirilenko.

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According to the deputy, if the law will not be canceled, the opposition on June 21 will begin collecting signatures to petition the Constitutional Court with the idea of ​​non-conformity of the document adopted by the Basic Law.

People's Deputy (fraction "BYT-Fatherland"), the head of the opposition government Serhiy Sobolev said that the majority of the deputies have made an amendment to the law, which actually allows the purchase and sale of agricultural land, the press service of the party "Fatherland." S.Sobolev reminded of the political decision of the parliament on the continuation of the moratorium on land sales.

"Yanukovych and his team make the amendment, which expressly states the creation of land bank, which transferred all the land, which will continue to be resold," - said the deputy.

S.Sobolev stressed that the moratorium on the sale of land shall be extended annually. "In the event of non-renewal, we had three fuses that allow it to start: the absence of a land bank, the absence of the right to transfer these lands, the lack of land management. Now there is only one fuse - Land Bank, removed all the other "- said S.Sobolev.

Recall that the Supreme Council of 21 June 238 votes passed in general, the law number 10 043 "On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine concerning the delimitation of state and communal property."

According to the document classification number of valuable land state or municipal ownership to the lands of other categories is carried out in coordination with the Verkhovna Rada. Parliament will also coordinate the location of the object material, which is expected to be placed on the land of valuable land state or municipal ownership to change its purpose.

The law also stipulates that the transfer of state ownership of land in communal ownership, or vice versa by the decision of relevant executive authorities or local authorities. Can not be transferred to communal ownership plots used the Black Sea Fleet on Ukrainian territory, on which the property is state property and are in constant use of state power bodies, state enterprises, institutions, organizations, except the transfer of these objects to communal ownership.
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