The number of banks increases, and mortgage rates declining

22.12.2010 09:42
Articles about real estate | The number of banks increases, and mortgage rates declining During the autumn months of the mortgage market to "secondary housing" came out more banks than in the first eight months of 2010. In this case, the rate of decline accelerated rates.

According to the company Prostobank Consulting loans for the purchase of real estate among the top 50 banks by assets on 06.12.2010, the offer 23 agencies. Over the past three months, their number has increased to ten institutions. It is worth noting that over the past eight months, from January to August, their numbers grew only by six banks.

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Along with the increased supply and declining mortgage rates. From 30 August to 6 December 2010 rate on loans for a period of ten years fell by 3.06 percentage points - up to 19.75% real per annum.

In this case, the previous eight months, she dropped by 3.66 percentage points Thus, the fall rate decreased by an average of 1.02 percentage points per month, while January and August - only 0.46 percentage points
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