The next step is to acquire housing: preparing for the deal and collect the documents

21.03.2011 09:22
Articles about real estate | The next step is to acquire housing: preparing for the deal and collect the documents In previous releases of our "Encyclopedia of practical real estate, we analyze in detail all the stages of preparation for the transaction. So, you already have a buyer for your apartment, and you picked yourself a counter purchase. It's time to take care of collecting the various documents and certificates. Despite the seeming simplicity of the procedures for obtaining them, we must take into consideration some nuances.

Problems in the passport office can inhibit sdelkuV general list of documents looks like this: a passport, certificate of registration, technical passport apartment Form 9 on registration, spousal consent for sale and the marriage certificate. This is a general list, which may be supplemented by various instruments in each situation. It would seem, is nothing complicated in the collection of these documents do not. But besides the fact that all these documents and information have their own validity period (usually 1 month), is not always possible to obtain the required documents to your desired date. If you undertake this job yourself, be prepared for a variety of small but time-consuming problems. In addition, many civil service, as in former times, does not care about the convenience of clients and work as convenient to themselves.

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Take, for example, although a passport for an apartment. Previously, it replaced the Form 7, which can be obtained in zhilkontore. Now everything is "on an adult, as in Europe. Every apartment should have its own passport, which lists all the technical parameters of the apartments, ranging from the area, ending with the plan apartments. Here, the most-up often and can be trapped. Especially if you live in an old apartment in the city center. How many in your apartment was all alterations and modifications? Not sure? It is a pity, because in most stores PIBe all plans in your home time "king of peas." And if a serious mismatch (for example, there are "extra" partition), then workers PIBA can refer to the fact that the redevelopment of illegal and "everything must adapt." At least with such cases often encountered in the real estate agency "Center". Tenants of such apartments, knowing that because of the "paper" can break the deal, often respond to comments PIBovtsev purely in Russian, offering "to resolve the issue on the spot." But the need to seek alternate routes, if redevelopment "without violating the borders of ownership" is often unavailable. Enough to get a passport, which will be recorded that the plan is produced illegally. As a rule, buyers are not too kind to this item.

You can expect unpleasant surprises and passport office. This story was told us in the real estate agency "Dinas". Seller apartment, participated in the "chain", went to get help form 9 on the registration. But not too calculated, assuming that the operation is simple and will take a maximum of an hour. But whether someone pasportistok was on vacation, or someone released a day off, but as a result of working one window, in which accumulated a huge backlog. By the end of the work he did not succeed. I had to go the next day. Defended posited turn, and he gave his passport, which is necessary for obtaining help, he got a minute ... no, not help, but only a passport. In this pasportistka told him that with such a passport to him to receive, to the chief to go. Attempts to find out something soon for pasportistki nor to no avail. Well, as usual, at the head of reception at this time, too, ended. Two days later, when the unfortunate hit to the head of the reception, it turned out that because the passport he present note Ukrainian Customs (posed many years ago!), Now a passport is considered invalid ... and it must change! The replacement procedure - two weeks. No argument about that at all other places (in the tax office, the traffic police officers in the passport is considered normal, had no effect). I had to really change your passport and carry out all further proceedings related to his replacement. It took three weeks. In the end, everything ended well and the "chain" does not collapse during that time. But he was nervous all made fairly. So that the collection of documents must begin now to test their own passports and better do it in advance. Indeed, any mark on it (even a child's scrawl on the last page - there were some cases) may enable the head of the passport office to recognize your passport invalid. And I must say that the stories told us everything was still "a little blood," because the seller was on hand all the necessary documents for obtaining a new passport. And if some "help on help" is not enough, then what? Incidentally one of the most common case of "invalid" passports - a forgetfulness of their respective owners, which time does not change the picture.

However, "passport" nepryatnostyami gathering necessary paperwork is not limited. In the Petrograd branch of real estate agency Adveks "we were immediately told that the" paper "can tell stories all day long, and they still will not run out. The most common misunderstanding was ... giving incorrect reference. Pasportistki confused the names of living persons. And in fact, only one missing letter in the name, as one person is formally transformed into another. And a "Help" is only good for the family archive - the notary will not accept it. The same applies, incidentally, and other documents. Therefore, the realtors are strongly advised - in the collection of documents required for the transaction to carefully check all the data they contain and their compliance with data in other documents. If you are unsure of your abilities and you have just a little time, it is better to entrust this work to professionals. To this end, all they need to hear from you warrant to collect the necessary documents. But the attorney must give it to collect documents. If you are someone will offer "for the convenience of registration" to make so-called "general" power of attorney, run from this office. And the sooner the better. Because of the general power of attorney can easily be left without an apartment.

Sergei Utkin,

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