The new trend «of housing without borders»

28.09.2010 07:30
Articles about real estate | The new trend «of housing without borders» This direction is called a loft, from the English word «loft» - the attic, loft, gallery. This is a huge space, which is measured in cubic meters, ie room without walls, ranging from 500 to 1000 square meters. m., bright windows in the wall, roof beams, structural engineering, glass and plastic.

A fundamentally new way of housing was founded in the early twentieth century in New York. While in the city center start to rise in price the land, so the owners of industrial enterprises have converted their facilities to the outskirts of the city.

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Then the empty factories and warehouses were engaged by art and music workshops and studios. Tenants of creative thought were delighted with the characteristics of objects: high ceilings, good lighting, to the same low rent.

Over time, people realized that such premises are not only easy to operate, but also to live. The possibility of the original interior design, the new format of comfort and coziness to make the building more attractive and liquid. Since lofts up to the maximum of its popularity, but their main feature were the huge space, with large areas and high ceilings, plus everything possible to equip the room screens and dividers for your taste and needs. After the reconstruction of the flats can be seen the residual elements of industrial buildings: some of the cast iron stairs, columns, ceiling beams, brick walls, etc. Thus, the Lofts have become a luxury housing with large apartments, individual architecture, located in areas with historical significance.

In the middle of last century, lofts, as overseas fashion, adopt, and in Europe. Ingenuity of Europeans gave vent to imagination, for new housing allowed the premises of factories, power plants, warehouses, schools, churches, and even old buildings, railway stations.

The essence of loft preserve and enhance other parts of the former buildings - not hidden in the walls of metal pipes, ventilation, uneven brick, rusted floor beams, etc.

Contemporary architects are called loft interior of the XXI century. Many designers and support them, because based on appearance of such housing is a historical view of buildings, rooms vary a great space that was originally transformed, in addition, have at least neighbors. Today Lofts seek to acquire successful unconventional thinking focused people, eager for new experiences and emotions.
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