The new monetary evaluation of land in Lviv will grow even more

16.06.2011 13:00
Articles about real estate | The new monetary evaluation of land in Lviv will grow even more New regulatory and monetary valuation of the land on which now operate in the Lviv city council, may be higher than 470 UAH per 1 sq.m., to which both were Lviv entrepreneurs.

As told today during a briefing deputy chief of natural resources and land relations of Lviv city council, Igor Gumenchuk, the new money valuation of $ 470 USD, which was introduced with effect from 1 January this year, is objective and has been in vain, that her employers have complained write a comment.

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"Once entrepreneurs have begun to speak out against the new monetary assessment, the decision of the session was stopped charging fees of the land in such a large scale and introduced incentives. A working group, which must review the legal and monetary value of land in three months. Management of natural resources at the same time was asked to adjust the base cost of regulatory and monetary value of land and adjust the zonal and local factors.

Every week we're going to meetings, and even worked out a schedule. According to this schedule the previous documents, we must submit, by 1 July, but at the last meeting, when they were presented preliminary estimates of the basic cost of land, it turned out that the present value of USD 470 per sq.m. is even lower, from the one proposed for adoption ", - said I. Gumenchuk.

According to him, asked management to institute "Gorproekt" and the Institute of Land Management with a request to perform the work on updating the regulatory and monetary valuation of the land and determine the coefficients. At the last meeting held on June 9, these institutions have submitted their figures on which the base rental rate of land tax and land tax will be more than 500 UAH.

"In order to prevent any insinuation on this issue I bring to the notice of the existence of such a situation. After all, the new adjusted monetary valuation of land may be even higher 470 USD, which acted against businesses, and complained to her ", - said Igor Gumenchuk.

Based on the fact that the situation is very serious, management of natural resources, according to I. Gumenchuk until the rush on this issue. "We took a week break and gave the order institutions to submit substantiation of their calculations and proposed rates, which could reduce the base price.

Now we evaluate these estimates. Our challenge, lest there be growth. We talk about the optimization of these figures. There is a base rate, local factors and area. We say that by adjusting the local and zonal factors make a move to reduce the load from the baseline assessment of the earth "- he said.

Therefore, given that work is continuing on the harmonization of the base cost and the adjustment coefficients, and then hold public hearings, I. Gumenchuk noted that the introduction of new regulatory and monetary value will not 1 July, and September 1 this year.

Recall from 1 January 2011 in Lviv was increased regulatory monetary value of land is 2.5 times - from 184.9 UAH for 1 sq. km. m to 470.2 UAH for 1 sq. km. m. In late March, the entrepreneurs came to picket under the walls of City Hall, after which the session was LGS decided to suspend the accrual of the land board in such a large scale and introduced incentives.
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