The new master plan envisages the construction of Lviv sleeping areas

02.06.2010 18:09
Institute Ukrgosstroyekspertiza completed examination of the General Plan of Lviv, providing infrastructure and areas of the city until 2025, in particular, the construction of sleeping areas and transport interchanges.<br /><br />Said head of the Department of Architecture of Lviv City Council Yuri Krivoruchko, wrote the correspondent.<br /><br />According to him, the document will be submitted for public hearings to be conducted three months - from June 1 to August 30, 2010. "Living in Lviv, learning about the plan for restructuring the city can come in SE Містопроект and express their comments and suggestions," - he said.<br /><br />Krivoruchko said that the Master Plan provides for the development of infrastructure and areas of Lviv for the next 15-25 years. "Master Plan will improve the investment climate in the city - he said. - For the entrepreneur needs to know what territory you can build up, where you can build hotels, shops, supermarkets, shopping centers or sports.<br /><br />According ekspertv, Lviv master plan corrected the last time in 60 years of last century. "Over the last decade, many industrial enterprises have closed," - explains Krivoruchko.<br /><br />According to the document, in Lviv is not going to change the purpose of the territories, where the industry. They intend to convert warehouses and institutions with industrial activities.<br /><br />"The main thing - the next decade in Lviv, construction will begin sleeping areas - Krivoruchko said." Although the city is very little land for building high-rise buildings, in City Hall trying to negotiate with village councils of nearby villages on the location where sleeping areas. Every rural municipality is planning to sign agreement on joint space activities ".<br /><br />Krivoruchko sure that although rural councils are considering similar proposals without much intuziazma, yet it would be beneficial for them. "In addition to the construction of skyscrapers, provided significant improvement in the infrastructure of nearby villages," - he explained.<br /><br />The architect notes that the sleeping areas also appear in the boundaries of Lviv, namely in the western and eastern fronts. Private residences will also appear in the Riasne-2, in the village Riasne-Ruska. "In place of summer community garden - in the streets and Lichakivska Pasichna plan to build an individual house," - noted Krivoruchko.<br /><br />The general plan of Lviv will help improve the transport situation in the city, sparing it from traffic jams. "The document envisages the creation of a small ring road in the streets Stefanyk and Slovak. In the area of streets Stryis'ka-Hutorovka should see another road junction. If you manage to build a three-level road, the problems with the transport interchange would be resolved. However, this outcome is almost like a stadium Euro -2012 - 700 million hryvnia, "- noted Krivoruchko.<br /><br />"Another idea Transportation - Metro - in the next 15 years will be implemented," - he says. - The problem is not technical feasibility but in the value of the property. "According to the data for the construction of subway lines will have to find dozens milyardov hryvnia." The idea is that Metro should start at the main railway station and pass through the city, bypassing the zone of UNESCO - Notes Krivoruchko.<br /><br />As previously reported, the Lviv city council before the end of 2010 plans to announce a competition for selecting master builder Sykhiv - the largest sleeping neighborhood, home to some 250 thousand people.<br /><em><strong></strong></em><br />
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