The new Housing Code: tenant without choice and without the land ...

13.01.2011 11:02
Coming reform in housing, which clearly would bring tariffs to cost-justified, that is - the higher.

There will likely be triggered rule of Ilf and Petrov: In the evening the money, and chairs, that is, high-quality services as a potom.Nyneshnyaya government for its "sudden" all the reforms already made it clear: syusyukanie and kowtowing to the electorate, that is, citizens of Ukraine already in the past. It is time to firmly establish order in the country. Including in the housing sector, says censor.

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About twenty years the state is trying to persuade citizens to take responsibility for the multi-storey buildings, including a dilapidated, through the establishment of associations of condominiums. And the law provides extensive and promises - sweet. And the people in SDMX is not unwilling to collectively responsible for their property. Many liberals, believes the current government. And going to review "the rules of tenure" in Ukraine.

First, the reform is to come in housing, which clearly would bring tariffs to cost-justified, that is - the higher. There will likely be triggered rule of Ilf and Petrov: In the evening the money, and chairs, that is, high-quality services later on.

Secondly, is almost ready for review in Parliament the Housing Code, which will convert the long-suffering AJOAH and HBC in the latest collective "with clear responsibilities and diffuse ownership of housing. So say those who have long been farming in their homes, in particular, the Kyiv AJOAH.

- We are capable to take responsibility for the house and maintain it - the chairman of the board of an organization "Union of homeowners Kiev Sergei Grandfathers. - A new housing code for some reason, forcing us to manage the company, which bears no responsibility for the condition of our house. No responsibility and the authority of the government, which has defined the company and gave her a license. There is no control and for the money tenants who will be accumulated in the accounts of management companies for major repair of houses.

New threats to members of SDMX and HBC, and in connection with those already adopted by the Tax Code. Strongly scares statutory provision providing for joint and several liability of members of SDMX and HBC monetary obligations or tax debt.

- This allows the presence of any debt or to initiate liquidation AJOAH HBC and to make claims to any member, mostly to the Chairman of the Board, to pay the entire amount of debt, - says Sergey Grandfathers.

At the same time, the state, trying to shift all the responsibility on tenants to lose "a majority" of the property is not going to. Not for the first year, and community organizations, and individuals AJOAH and HBC are trying authorities at different levels show that privatization in Ukrainian - it's just fiction. After receiving the certificate of title to the apartment, the citizens actually possess no more than rent box, which hangs in the air. And were to get into his own apartment, as part of the housing complex property, which includes not only the right to joint ownership of basements and attics, but also the land - under the house and around it.

Yes, the new Housing Code allowed to give ground under the house to the joint property of tenants. But the house territory remains available to local councils. It turns out - to clean up after her and care should AJOAH, and dispose of will - the deputies. As "unsophisticated" they know how to do it, you might consider the example of the capital, which last seven years, just reeling from the built-up and sealing of illegal housing estates.

According to the Union of homeowners in Kiev, the last two years Kyivrada not give the ownership of any house of his local area. Thus, from fifteen hundred existing in Kiev AJOAH and HBC land ownership were only 23 houses. Others, seeking the realization of their legitimate rights within 7-10 years, at best, get the offer to take in the local area ... rental until about five years, and then - we'll see.

Naturally, the new regulations involve a number of changes in the Act AJOAH. A number of them - just the Chairperson AJOAH are absurd. For example, according to the proposed innovations, now AJOAH can be created by "collusion" of the three owners of apartments (previously this required the consent of more than half the residents). It is unlikely that the deputies thought about the fact that this "liberty" will allow every home naplodit mass AJOAH alternative that can begin to fight and sue each other.

Further, MPs offer to "adopt" a member of AJOAH even those who are not owners of apartments in a particular house. SDMX-eshniki look at it in terms of practical application. It turns out that the owners of two or three cottages adjacent to the flats, will hold a general meeting 200-300 apartment homes and decide the fate of, for example, children's playground, ignoring the interests of most residents. Appeared quite strange rule of "alienation of the housing association or by a decision of the court."

It turns out - housing complex, along with apartments, of which he is, you can transfer or sell any interested parties. Besides such obvious blunders, there was also confusion in terms. SDMX is now called a union of owners of the premises of apartment house, the homeowners association. Which implies that all the already organized AJOAH will restructure its founding documents, because they will now be referred to a different ...

One would assume that the government, reforming the individual branches, trying to preserve the "public interest" if it is not viewed in the interests of those same management companies or local members, distributing land for development. "On the nose remains the only citizen with the" otreformirovannymi "freedom and right to property is questionable ...

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